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We are in need of some builders for the fundraiser. We've got a few non-staff helping so if you see any of them floating around its ok. 


Carnival Builders - See SILVERSUNSET if you want to help with this!!
- We need people to build some small carnival games designed to be used to award some prizes for the main event. Things like archery contests, dunk tanks, pac man, tic tac toe, small obstacle courses, etc 
- We will need some people who are good at decorating (because i sure am not) - the main spawn for the world is built but its sadly lacking in "pretty" - if you've got a flair for circus builds and want to help make the overall area look like a large outdoor carnival we need you!!

City Block Builders - See SIR_DIDYMUS if you want to help with this!!
- We need people to build small city blocks for the world generation engine. 
- city blocks are fairly small, we are in need of three sizes: 16x16, 32x32, or 16x32; and up to 100 blocks high. 
- required themes: high rise, mid rise, low rise, industrial, municipal parks, suburban, and 'outskirts' (which are things like logging camps and quarries)

The fundraiser is still tentatively planned for the end of june, so these are things we'd need fairly soon. They are pretty small to put together, so if you've got some time to help out please contact us and let us know

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