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Policy Update: Ban Durations


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The following table represents a list of guidelines to be used by staff in response to dealing with players. Staff are encouraged to use their best judgement in all cases; this table is meant to help keep staff consistant however in the event that people feel it is reasonable or necessary to deviate from this list it is allowed.

Offense 1st Occurrence 2nd Occurrence 3rd Occurrence 4th Occurrence Additional
xray appeal - 7 day ban + rollback / inventory wipe appeal - 30 day ban + rollback / inventory wipe     appeal - 30 day ban + rollback / inventory wipe
hacking/cheating warning/kick warning/kick 24 hr ban appeal  
minor grief warn warn warn warn Considered "moderate" grief
moderate grief 24 hr ban 48 hr ban appeal    
major grief appeal        
chat spam/trolling/disruption warn mute (~10m) mute (~30m) 12 hr ban  
bigotry/hate speech kick 24 hr ban appeal    
inducing lag (accidental) warn/ask to remove warn/ask to remove appeal    
inducing lag (Intentional) warn/kick/rollback appeal      
advertising/spam appeal        
NSFW/offensive builds/skins warn/ask to change appeal      
ban evasion appeal (2 weeks)        
Harassment appeal        
doxxing appeal        
ban baiting appeal        
staff impersonation Admin Discretion        
illegal pvp appeal        
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