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Adventurers Guild News!


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A Visitor

A friendly merchant, Ivan Longnose, has recently joined to map and has a variety of goods he will trade for Lost Temple Certificates. If you have a certificate, Ivan can be found on the 3rd floor of spawn, in the East Wing. If you do not yet have a certificate try to find the hidden sign in all 20 temples, place all the items and maps you receive in a chest and modreq that you have found all 20 temples. A Padmin will verify the items and in return you will receive a certificate.

A New Challenge

The National Institution of Turning Wittiness Into Treasure Society has been hard at work setting up a new hunt for the Adventurers guild. The NITWITS strive to stump you with riddles, codes, and hunts to test your wordplay repartee. The hunt will begin on Sunday, July 2nd. New clues will be added periodically, but all starting clues will be kept up so the hunt can be done at your own pace. Each hunt will be in three parts. Part one a riddle - will be posted on a sign located in the Adventurers Guild. Name a piece of paper with the correct answer and you will be given coordinates. Take the item from the riddle to this location where you will earn some loot and find Part two a code - break the code and you will be led to an area of the map. Part three a hunt - explore that area for the NITWITS iconic sculpture to earn your prize!

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