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Creative updating to 1.12! Also newer FASTER World Edit!

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ExcessiveToker    113

Today we'll be updating Creative to 1.12! With that will come a lot of changes to World Edit. 

We will be switching to FastAsyncWorldEdit (FAWE)- This will greatly improve the speed and efficiency at which blockchanges are processed. Along with the speed improvements there are a number of new commands and tools now available.  

- New brush commands (to list a few favourites):

  • /brush pull ------------ Moves the terrain towards you.
  • /brush splatter ------- Makes natural looking random splatter of a specified block.
  • /brush erode --------- Makes natural looking erosion patterns, great for terraforming.
  • /brush surface ------- Changes all the surface blocks.
  • /brush gravity -------- A brush that simulates the effects of gravity.
  • /brush recursive ----- Paint all connected blocks.
  • /brush raise/lower --- Raise/lower different shapes from the ground.

-Players can now also set their own biomes within their regions by using //setbiome BIOME

 -The /visualize tool allows players to "visualize" their brush edits before actually making the edits. 

For a complete list of all the commands you will have access to visit our WIKIFor a good descriptions and How-To's for these commands, visit the FAWE Github.

- ALSO We've added parrots to the /pet command! 

- Please have fun with our new super fast World Edit and colorful blocks and parrots!!!!

-Cadmin Team

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