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Mew's Favorite Parts of Athel, C32

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I feel as though this thread has gone unnoticed and unloved :/ So I'm just gonna drop some of my favorite screenshots of my city, Athel, on C rev 32 here, and hopefully other people will decide to do the same and showcase their own builds.


Most of these builds are mine, though Haiku did a lot of the more elegant structures, like Parliament and the Palace. The backstreet cafe was a more collaborative thing we worked on together after our drug deal previous build ideas didn't quite work out.

If you wanna see the whole thing for yourself, go to /warp Athel and explore about :D There's a lot more to the city than this, especially lore wise, but all of these just so happen to be my favorite spots and images of said spots.

Shaders: Chocapic13 V6 High
Resource Pack: Soartex Fanver
Primary Builders: Mewcifer and Haiku
Primary Lore Writer: DrTim58
Moral Support: Humidum and Andromeda4210


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6 minutes ago, Barlimore said:

Wow, those are incredible images! You've all put a lot of great work into Athel. :-)

Aaaaah thank you!! :P

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