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Lobby Contest!!

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While there's a while to go on our current lobby and we have one more after that, its nice to have a long time to build and not be in a rush. So today starts the new lobby contest! Head on over to c.nerd.nu and type /warp LobbyContest to be taken to the contest world. The plots are 300x300 so there's plenty of space to get creative. You can build by yourself or with as many friends as you want. There are only two real requirements for the lobbies:

  • There must be four portals (for PvE, Creative, Minigames, and Event)
  • Follow all global nerd.nu rules

Other than that let your imaginations run wild! The contest starts right now and will run until October 8th at 11:59 pm. Following that we will run a community vote to determine our next set of lobbies. If you have any questions feel free to ask here or contact me.

Happy building!

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What a fun little coincidence. I've been working on something in singleplayer over the weekend that people familiar with my work on Spire may like. I was planning to let it rot in my world after/if I finished it but I'd be happy to offer it up as a lobby instead. Here are some pics of it so farĀ for those interested

However it's a tad bit larger than 300 by 300 as it stands, so I hope that won't be an issue.

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To continue to keep everyone updated, Dumbo is currently rewriting the NuVote plugin we have so we can do fancy in-game voting, because voting on pictures of builds kind of sucks. We're looking to get voting going some time tomorrow. I will post an update when its open.

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