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Revision 21 Changelog PvE

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October 8th

  • We responded to the latest suggestionbox suggestion here.
  • We held a padmin meeting earlier today, here are our public meeting notes:
  • Spoiler
    • We decided a deadline of our next meeting for any tasks which we do not currently have a working deadline for.
      • This was needed due to our two week blackout where we were enjoying the early revision.

    • We decided on an approach to take with setting up prizes for the coins obtained through the 12 castles around the map.
    • We discussed our timeline for revision 21 in the context of the events we wish to host, their durations, dates and the content themselves.
    • We discussed natural resources on the surface of land claims, following a discussion from a January padmin meeting and concluded not to add any additional layers of bureaucracy.
    • We settled on a theme for revision 22.
    • We divided some of the more significant tasks for revision 22 up among us (building a spawn, creating an overworld map, creating a nether map & ensuring all of our documentation gets updated), assigning most of these tasks. Our plan is to slowly chip away at these tasks throughout the revision, rather than only focus on them during a 6 or 7 week revision preparation schedule.
    • We decided on the topics for our first P community survey.
      • All seven of the topics included will directly feed into tasks that we’re looking to action but with the aim of including the P community into the decision-making more.

    • We tasked ourselves to double-checking that all issues which occurred during the revision 21 preparation / launch are documented on our revision 21 trello board, ready for when we carry them over for revision 22 preparation next year.
    • We discussed an update on the /signtext suggestion and its current status.
    • We discussed an improved feature coming to P very soon - based on a function already in use. We confirmed the status of testing and have assigned ourselves to documenting the changes ready for a public release.
    • We shared a new livemap marker for rail stations as the current icon blends in with the rendered terrain too much. We confirmed plans to implement this at a later date. The current icon is a minecart.
    • We confirmed plans to release a post detailing our intention of how we plan to support community-run events.
    • We confirmed plans to initiate a full update of the death messages, with community-sourced submissions.
    • We confirmed our plans to train our latest moderator tonight, and our attempts to reach out to another two still awaiting training.
    • We confirmed that there are plans for EasyRider to include voxelmap-friendly coordinates with /hgps commands in a future update. No ETA.
    • We confirmed the status of a fix for a TrainCarts issue which renders minecarts immovable on unpowered powered rails.
    • We confirmed plans to release blog posts at slightly longer intervals, to allow us to focus time elsewhere a little more. We also confirmed plans to reach out and invite people to submit information to be included in the first blog post.
    • We confirmed the status of releasing the ore generation distributions of revision 21.
    • We discussed the progress of our plans to release an event towards the end of the month.
    • We discussed a number of other events we would like to do, particularly from the new year onwards.
    • We confirmed that we will release public notes of our meeting today.
    • We confirmed our next meeting to be scheduled for the same time, next weekend - Pending some real world chaos/plans not interfering.
    • We confirmed that all tasks assigned will be updated into our trello board with the deadlines discussed throughout.



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October 11th

  • The cartograph for Rev 21 is now available.
  • A fix has been implemented on P to try to reduce the frequent lag that players have been experiencing. We'll be watching over the next few days to gauge improvement.
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October 13th

  • We've responded to five of our most recent suggestionbox suggestions here. More responses to follow for the newest of the suggestions.
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October 15th

  • We've responded to two of our latest suggestions here.
  • A few hours ago, we held a padmin meeting. You can view our public meeting notes here:

  • We started by going over our assigned tasks for revision 22; Building a spawn, overworld map, the concept of an upper nether and documentation. We highlighted areas which we will need to create documentation for, reach out for feedback on and others which we are comfortable making progress upon. Some preliminary decisions were made on map sizes.

  • We decided to split some of the questions off the planned P survey as they were bottlenecking progress too much. The questions split off will feature as a standalone poll / feedback topic.

  • We confirmed that the revision 21 issues we encountered have been documented with solutions on our rev preparation board, ready to be carried over to a revision 22 board.

  • We confirmed the progress on an upcoming feature update with an urgency to focus on completing the public documentation as well as the admin commands documentation before rolling out the update.

  • We established a process for us advertising community-run events and will be looking to publish a topic with the details.

  • We confirmed the progress of our death message update which will involve community contributions once more.

  • We confirmed the two recent moderators which had received P specific training, as well as reaffirming the individuals we are expecting to be training in the near future too.

    • We detailed areas in which we need to update for our moderation guide to better cover what we provide in our training.

  • We confirmed the status of an ongoing rail issue regarding unpowered rails not allowing individuals in minecarts to move on them.

  • We confirmed our intention to release a pre-blog post soon, inviting people to be featured within the first blog.

  • We confirmed that we have received approval with the tech admins to release our ore distribution configuration for this revision and will be publishing soon.

  • We viewed the progress of an upcoming event and discussed in depth the next steps to be taken for developing the event, along with some of the significant features of it.

  • We discussed plans for a future event and will seek to start planning for that event too.

  • We reviewed all of the modreqs currently handled by padmins and looked at opening more up to other admins and our wider moderation team. We will be seeking to publish updates for various staff on these.

  • We confirmed the approach to take where afking at a mob grinder tanks TPS due to items overflowing: Expect a (friendly) kick!

  • We confirmed intentions to test a new grief-protection feature on pve-dev shortly and the process we’d like to take with seeing it made active.

  • We confirmed intentions to add in a padmin meeting room at spawn for [redacted].

  • We took the time to view the revision 22 spawn layout which has been built so far. Currently entirely bare, ready for a slow process of decoration throughout the revision, in time for sprucing up on pve-dev during our formal revision preparation.

  • We made plans to expand the admin multiverse and to better organise the ongoing projects there.

  • We confirmed a long-term plan to review and update our PvE admin guide which documents the processes we take, keeping us accountable.

  • We ended by confirming that these notes will be made public as soon as possible and that our next meeting would take place next Sunday too.


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October 21st

  • We've responded to our latest suggestionbox suggestion here. We have also followed up on a former suggestion in this response.
  • The following fixes have been implemented on P regarding TrainCarts:
  1. Minecarts will now be possible to move while on unpowered rails. Previously they were impossible to move manually.
  2. Broken chest carts will now drop the chest and cart instead of chest cart items.


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October 21st

  • We held a padmin meeting today, here are our notes from it:
  • We have established documentation for rev 22 preparation, focusing on one primary area of development.
  • We confirmed that the P survey is now live and will be for approximately the next two weeks. We confirmed intentions to review all of the feedback when the survey closes (although we’re reading through them live too).
  • We confirmed that the place update has been implemented, an alert added and that we’ve updated the wiki with the new features. We reminded ourselves to follow our own guidelines when setting up places as the commands have slightly changed for our team.
  • We have confirmed that we have put out a post for how we can advertise player-made events.
  • We established that the community death message input will begin following the closure of the current P survey as not to flood too many tasks into the spotlight..
  • We confirmed our recent moderator training refresher with an individual.
    • We have failed to contact two moderators regarding PvE training and have passed this issue onto the head team.

    • We’ve looked ahead to possible upcoming moderators so that we may prepare to train them.

    • We confirmed that the pve moderation guide has once again been updated to include recent moderation changes as well as making sure we’ve got everything covered that we include in our training.

  • We confirmed that the unpowered rail issue has been resolved now and that an open suggestion regarding chest/hopper cart trains has a working solution too. We have responded to that suggestion with an update.
  • We looked at a progress update on the revision 22 spawn which now includes the start of a rail station within our prototype spawn. This is a placeholder dependant upon feedback for rev 22 on whether a rail station is to be included.
  • We confirmed that the new rail station livemap marker is no longer gigantic. A new icon was uploaded which fits properly.
    • We are looking into ways of making the icon be more visible, such as including a border.

  • We confirmed that the Blog Post I: Pre-post has gone out and is receiving responses that will feed into the first blog post.
    • We confirmed that work will start on the blog post this week in time for the November release.

  • We confirmed that the ore distribution post went out as planned to reestablish the mining patterns going forward, given the recent revision where mining patterns were not as effective given the distribution.
  • We confirmed the progress of an upcoming event with the aim to see further significant progress this week. We took a visual look at what has been built since our last meeting.
  • We confirmed the bottlenecks and progress for another upcoming event and how to move forward.
  • We updated some guidance related to admin reqs and distributed it.
  • We confirmed that we had followed up on a query regarding afking at grinders, individuals affecting TPS will be given a kick.
  • We confirmed that the plugin ItemLocker had been tested as thoroughly as we and other staff could and that the plugin was now live on P.
    • We intend to add information and commands for ItemLocker on the information guide soon.

  • We confirmed and checked in on the progress of a secret padmin meeting room for [redacted].
  • We confirmed that the admin world had been organised and that a vast new area of flatland had been created for upcoming and future projects to be developed there.
    • This was created in 100 x 100 sections with world edit as not to crash or contribute to lag on P.

  • We confirmed that our team trello would be updated following the meeting, primarily with new deadlines.
  • We confirmed that the public meeting notes would be created following the meeting too, ready for team approval.
  • We confirmed that our next meeting time will be Sunday of next weekend.
  • Following the end of our agenda, we realised that a staff meeting will be taking place prior to our next meeting so we will be preparing our staff meeting notes throughout this week too.
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