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Sadiri [totemo]

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I was banned over 2 year ago (I believe). I miss playing on the server so I wanted to see if the time passed is enough to show my regret. I was banned for xray and crop grief, both actions which I committed knowing that there was a high change of me getting banned. I am truly sorry for my lack of judgement, I promise I have learned from my mistakes, and would be forever grateful for a second opportunity. Once again I apologize for my actions, and would like to acknowledge my disappointment on my own self. 


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Okey dokey.

Your ban has long since expired: xray ban durations at the time were a month. These days it's one week on the first offence.

So, of course, you're unbanned. All you had to do was appeal.

Note that the PvP server is long since gone. We still have the same rules against xray and crop grief on the non-pvp survival server, p.nerd.nu. You have to replant crops. And of course we have rules against editing other players' builds without permission on all our servers where editing blocks is possible.


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