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Revision 22: Mob Mayhem!

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PREPARE YOURSELVES!!!! This coming weekend we will be holding a MOB ARENA on PvE! 

*image courtesy of ieuweh

Saturday June 9th at 9am EDT 

Saturday June 9th at 6:30pm EDT

You’ll be able to face off against the hoards in an arena built by padmins (kits will be provided)

Participants who attempt to defeat the mobs will be greeted with a thank-you-for coming prize, consisting of 16 FoA and a Commemorative T-Shirt!

Those who survive the mobs will be greeted with the following:

Floor 1:  16 FoA, Totem of Undying, Husk Saddle, 20 Diamonds, and Desert Eagle (a bow enchanted with Power VI, Mending, and Unbreaking IV)


Floor 2: 16 FoA, Totem of Undying, Ghast Saddle, 20 Diamonds, and Hot Pants (diamond pants enchanted with Fire Protection V, Mending, Unbreaking IV)


Floor 3:  16 FoA, Totem of Undying, Iron Golem Saddle, 20 Diamonds, and Old Shoes (diamond boots enchanted with Feather Falling V, Mending, Unbreaking IV)


Floor 4: 16 FoA, Totem of Undying, Wither Saddle, 20 Diamonds, and Permission Granted (a diamond sword enchanted with Looting IV, Mending, Unbreaking IV) 


Floor 5: 16 FoA, Totem of Undying, Guardian Saddle, 20 Diamonds, and a Scuba Helmet (a diamond helmet enchanted with Aqua Affinity, Respiration IV, Mending, Unbreaking IV) 


Floor 6: 16 FoA, Totem of Undying, Slime Saddle, 20 Diamonds, and ... A SURPRISE

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some of you have had questions about the arena, so here is a bit more information pre-game:

  • Do not bring anything with you, kits will be provided
  • YES you can play all floors for both sessions
  • you get ONE LIFE per floor - once you die you're out for that level!
  • Commands to join the arena will be announced in-game at the time the arena starts. Hopefull your bed is convenient!

Hope to see you all bright and early in the morning!

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The winners of the arenas are as follows!

Round 9:00am Winner 6:30pm Winner
Round 1: Desert Ruthlesssss olav3118
Round 2: Nether Becquerine olav3118
Round 3: Ruins Becquerine olav3118
Round 4: Night Garden Becquerine 32ndFlava
Round 5: Ocean Ruthlesssss olav3118
Round 6: Past Revs Norami Wozdaka

Thanks to everyone who died for my amusement participated!

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