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Note appeal

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Hi guys.

I have a couple of old notes on my account. Any chance I can get them removed please?

Here they are: http://mcbouncer.com/u/1a023533479c4dbeb722b7809f70a612/notesFor

I'd really like to start the upcoming new rev with a nice clean slate.

Thank you for your time.

*Edit - I'll appeal just the oldest one: http://mcbouncer.com/note/43941 as the other one is only 8 months or so old and the minimum time is one year. Shoulda read the policy more thoroughly.  :P

Edited by Omegaperfecta
Didn't read the policy well enough.

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Hey @Omegaperfecta,

Glad to see you found your way back to the policy post and understand that my note is not yet eligible for removal.

That being said, since Zomise is no longer on staff I am happy to remove her note for you.

Added By Note Time Added Server
bermudalocket Player warned for minor grief (pve rev 22) 8 months, 1 week ago c.nerd.nu
Zomise Banned for X-ray on PVE rev19. 2 years, 1 month ago c.nerd.nu

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