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PigeonSquared [totemo]

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I made mistakes while high last night and decided that I was tired of mining and would just get an x-ray texture pack. Wasn't the greatest idea. I'd like to come back and try again, except this time less high and more sober. That way I can continue to work on Darkroot. 

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Before I go to bed I'll note the following admistrative details:

User PigeonSquared
Issuer totemo
Server p.nerd.nu
Reason xray on pve nerd.nu/appeal
Time Banned

May 11, 2019, 7:06 a.m.

I'll handle the appeal in the morning. In the meantime, you can read the ban duration guidelines. http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Server_Policies#Ban_Duration_Guidelines

Also, please re-familiarise yourself with the rules, particularly those pertaining to x-ray: http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules

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You almost got banned for xray around the 23rd of March (depending on time zone). What stopped me banning you was just that I like the evidence to be very clear cut.

I've been checking your diamond edits periodically since then and haven't noticed anything untoward about your mining. I concluded that, since you had started a town, you probably were not going to risk trashing the whole thing with a roll back. Ironically, two days ago I was thinking to myself that I should have a quiet word to you about your previous mining so that you know that I know, and you don't get over-confident and think you got away with it. I get these odd bouts of prescience from time to time.

These are the edits from March. Some ores under a granite and dirt wall between branches:


Some diamonds in the ceiling where you went off branch:



And a similar thing here where you went off branch, this time with the ores rolled back to show them instead of using glass:


Any empty spaces in those screenshots were stone or dirt. I rolled back the ores in the last screenshot rather than marking them with glass. In that screenshot, I have checked the logs at feet level and there were none, indicating that you mined those ores off someone else's tunnel that was more than 2 weeks old such that the stone edits had expired. (We only retain logs on stone for two weeks to keep the size and duration of LogBlock queries under control. Other blocks are logged for longer.)

The xraying you did in the last 24 hours was much more blatant:





You also back-filled some of them with stone, presumably to conceal your edits. You were not consistent in that however, so I accept that you may have been in an impaired state today. That does not, however, excuse the cheating. Plenty of players manage to stick to the rules while under the influence.

You are banned for one week. Your edits have been rolled back and your inventory cleared.

Since it's pertinent to the handling of your ban, I'll comment on the handling of the rollback here in this appeal.

Last night when I banned you, I departed from standard practice and only rolled back your chests, furnaces and some shulker colours that I could see in the storage area. I'm mindful of the drama that rollbacks in towns cause and the common practice has been for Padmins to, at their discretion, roll forwards selected edits of the banned player to restore communal builds. So I left the town rollback to the Padmins.

When I came on this morning, I saw the town seemingly intact with the chest area restored and assumed that there had been no rollback. I was wrong. I decided to finish the task of removing the other colours of shulker boxes I had skipped that night. (Why did I skip them? Because I actually had too much other work to do, and you were the third xray ban I have made in the last day, the fifth in two days.) I mistyped the LogBlock rollback command, omitted the word "block" and LogBlock treated the list of shulker types as a list of player names and instead gave you a full 42 day roll back (which is full log retention and is correct for xray). However, as I subsequently discovered, the Padmins had run the LogBlock xray rollback command already. The difference being that in the current 1.13 configuration of the servers, there is bug in the code or configuration to do that and the rollback defaulted to 21 days instead of 42 days. As a consequence, the members of your town, Darkroot, are now dealing with an extra 21 days of rolled back edits that they were not expecting earlier in the day.

I am embarrassed at my mistakes and frustrated at the unforgiving nature of the LogBlock command, at the very least. I am also sorry that the players in your town had to deal with the extra damage today. On the other hand, the rollback command that I issued in error was in fact exactly the one that would have been run if not for the bug in the configured duration of the LogBlock full rollback command.

I suggest that if you are inclined to run a town, then don't xray. I have plenty of sympathy for your town members, but none for you.

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