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vexillologist420 [Bardidley]

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Hey, just wanted to say I really am sorry. I ignored things from moderators I should have payed more attention to. The only reason I “harassed” Abitcat is because he made jokes out of my ancestors that died brutal deaths in the Holocaust. It pissed me off and I acted poorly on angry thoughts. If you could let me know when the ban is over that would be great, thanks.

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Ban #1: c.nerd.nu (Bardidley) [Continued public accusations of rule-breaking, NSFW chat and ignoring admin requests. nerd.nu/appeal] 2019-07-30

Hello Vexillologist420,

Thank you for making an appeal. If a player has said something in public chat that was rule-breaking, the best way to handle it is to make a modreq for staff to look into. To be clear, the players comments were NOT made on Nerd.nu services. Therefore we cannot hold them to account in terms of a ban. My feeling is they truly do not mean what they said and they probably regret it. Other instances of antisemitic comments on Nerd.nu services were dealt with and we have not witnessed or had reports of anything since. If something is witnessed and not seen by staff please use /modreq to report the offender, that way it is on the record and we can be alerted to it. Resorting to harassment is not the proper way to deal with your displeasure with someone on this server.

I will unban your account tonight at 7pm EDT







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