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Unity: Fallout - a story serial

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Hello again, and welcome to another story serial!

Long after the days of political squabbling (Unity: Glass Vision) and the spleef tournament (Unity: The Spleef Diamond Cup) in the golden days after the Last Chaos (Unity: Origins), civilization fell.  The Storm, who came to the homeworld in search of Spaceship Unity (Unity Retrieval Project Backstory) as foretold (Unity: Ancients), finally found it, and the ensuing space battle resulted in the scorching of the planet and the fall of the governing order.  A team from the city of Port Aperture, joined by two other survivors, journey to make one last update to the ATLUS information repository in the hopes that it will inform a future effort to repel the Storm and rebuild the map - but the barren world is not their only problem on their trek.

This story serves as a prequel of sorts to saberfysh's CMC Starlogs (https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/3715-cmc-starlogs-a-story-serial/), particularly exploring the state of the map shortly after Unity's destruction.

You can follow the story at https://unityfallout.tumblr.com/ .

Part 1 of 2 will be released from today to October 25.  The first story segment is up now, while subsequent segments will be released on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5 PM Eastern time.

Again, the events of the story are fiction, though Port Aperture takes its name from a town that existed on PvE back in revs 8-9-ish.  It is mentioned in this story as a part of Starlogs canon.


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