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October 2019 Staff Cleanup


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Missed one!

Here's the October 2019 update for staff-cleanup.   Some of the below staff members stepped down/were placed on inactive between now and May/June when the last Clean-up post was made. Their permissions were updated when the actual change was made.

Current staff can be found on the staff page.

Based on activity levels (and conversations with players)

  • Moved from INACTIVE to PAST STAFF
    • Hollifer - per request
    • Ruthlesssss
  • Moved from MODERATOR to PAST STAFF
    • Bermudalocket - per request in July
    • DrTim58 - per request
  • Moved from Admin to PAST STAFF
    • Mewcifer - per request
  • Moved from MODERATOR to INACTIVE
    • MasterCommaThe
    • QueenBombus
    • HeySofia
    • TheNightsKing
  • Moved from Moderator to CAdmin
    • Marting11
  • Joined/rejoined Staff
    • gk_ryo - moderator
    • Dumbo52 - TechAdmin

We have also reached out to an additional staff member regarding their activity levels and willingness to remain on staff.

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