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Eishaar [cheezychicken]

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So I've been banned for using chorus fruit and teleporting where i shouldn't have in the easter arena. From my POV i have done nothing wrong because i couldn't get back in from what i know and going out of bounds was never stated in the rules.

IGN: "Eishaar"

Edited by Eishaar
Added IGN just to make sure :)

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Banned By Reason Time Banned Server
cheezychicken Out of bounds. nerd.nu/appeal 16 hours, 13 minutes ago


We don't allow people to intentionally glitch or abuse mechanics to get out of arenas or past the worldborder. I'm not sure what exactly you were intending to do by eating a chorus fruit in the arena, but I'm certain it wasn't in keeping with the spirit of the adminhunt. Next time if you do happen to get somewhere you shoudn't, make a /modreq and wait for a staff member to get you back where you should be.

You have been unbanned.

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