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  1. As we come towards the end of Revision 24 and would like to hear your feedback on the revision to help shape things for Revision 25! (Most of these questions are shamefully stolen from last rev’s feedback, I know…) The Spawn Was spawn easy to navigate? Could you find the things you needed to find easily? Is there anything you would like to see done differently with Spawn in Rev 25? We left the station and the nether side spawn portal up to the players to create, how do you feel this went? The Overworld Do you think that this map size (7kx7k) was good? Should it be bigger, smaller or similar next rev? This rev we used vanilla map generation due to custom terrain tools not being updated. Were you happy with the use of a vanilla seed? Would you like to see a return to custom terrain given the tools are updated? Were any biomes lacking or too abundant this revision? How did you find the distribution of ores this revision? The Nether This revision we had another custom Nether created by totemo, it featured different biomes designed to provide areas for bulk mining resources like concrete powder and terracotta. We again included custom mobs in the nether. How did you feel about the custom generated map this revision? Would you like to see a custom nether again? How did you feel about the custom mobs this revision? How was the distribution of quartz and glowstone? The End This revision we had a custom generated End created by cheezychicken. It featured separate islands of biomes to retain The End’s feel. We also retained the dragon fight created by bermudalocket. Generation: How did you feel about the custom End this rev? Did you like the separation into islands? How did you feel about having ores generated in areas of the End that were plumped but didn’t have custom drops? How was the ore distribution? Dragon Fight How did you feel about bermuda’s NerdyDragon fight? Was it too easy/difficult/just right in your opinion? Any other suggestions you’d like to share for the fight? Shulkers and other mobs: Did you enjoy continuing to have free range shulkers instead of a shulker spawner? How did you feel about the other mobs that appeared in the end? Elytra How did you feel about the method of obtaining Elytra this revision? Was receiving it as a drop from the custom dragon fight enough effort for it? Do you have any other ideas you have for methods of obtaining Elytra? Mapworld Are there any additions you’d like to see in Mapworld next revision? Portals This revision we had 8 claimable portals across the map, all available from day 1 of the revision. Did you feel that the number and distribution of portals this rev was good? Do you have any ideas for how portals should be implemented next rev? Iron Golem Spawners Iron Golem Spawner costs changed for this revision, roughly in line with villager mechanic changes. Do you feel that the cost of an iron golem spawner was fair? Custom Spawners This revision we had a Creeper, Squid, Slime and Witch spawner, all available to be found from the first day of the revision. How do you feel about the inclusion of custom spawners in the map? Would you prefer to have, or not have them? Which custom spawners do you think are particularly useful in a multiplayer setting, if any? Were the spawners well hidden? Should they be harder to find? Easier? Custom Drops This revision we continued the use of custom drops from ores, mobs, and in loot chests. How do you feel about the rates of custom drops dropping, too frequent or too rare? Do you have any ideas for new ways to obtain custom drops? How have the custom drop trades been so far this rev? Any kinds of trades you’d like to see in the future? Custom trades Have you enjoyed the custom trades this revision? Would you like to see them return for next revision? Is there anything you want to see available from the custom traders? Events We started running weekly events this rev, would you like these to continue? Does the time of the weekly events suit you? What time might be better? Were the prizes from events appropriate? Are there any other items you would like to trade for? Do you have any ideas for events or an event that you particularly enjoyed? Rev Theme This revision the theme was around "Space and exploration". Do you feel the theme of a revision adds to your experience? Should events and server planning be more tied to the theme? Less? Do you have any ideas for themes that you would enjoy? End of Rev In the past there has been end of rev events such as ending the world in Chaos and a Zombie Apocalypse, would you like to see the return of something like this? Do you have any other ideas for how to celebrate the end of rev? Any other comments? Is there anything else you want to tell us about your experience on the server? Things the PAdmins can do improve? We'll aim to respond to your feedback by the 5th of January.
  2. Pig racing was good fun, even if it turns out its all RNG! Nastyhabits and PlNG both managed 4 wins, with zedadex managing 6 and pigmaster PPGOME taking a massive 10 wins! Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who came along! This week it is Battle Royale! I'm sure you'll all find ways to make it all horribly unbalanced! Come on down, 7pm Eastern in the holodeck, lets have some fun! As always, /place event and the livemap will guide you to the location.
  3. Man, I haven't updated this in a while. Last week we did Mob arena, and while no one truly won in the chaos of that night I have handed out many tokens to the people we discerned as having "won"! This week, who knows what we'll whip up in a panic before the event. Either way, it'll be at /place event and shown on the livemap!
  4. Thank you to everyone who came and did some PvP! The results: Congratulations to NastyHabits! This week we are in the holodeck playing PvSpleef! This is spleef but you can also MURDER your opponents! First to fall or die loses! As always, /place event or check the livemap for the location. Its up in the ship.
  5. Congratulations to everyone who brutally murdered us last week! I hear it was great... Maybe next time I'll modify my drinking game a tad so I can still type at the end of the event. Thank you to all who came and all of the admins who helped us run it, its great seeing the community coming together and having fun! This week its PvP at RukiaKuchiki's arena! As always, 7pm eastern, /place Event and marker on the livemap! (UK people, that is 11pm now because DST)
  6. Sorry I missed last week's thimble! I hear everyone had a great time. Congratulations to zedadex and PlNG for winning 2 rounds each! Zedadex also picked up a second place, with icedman picking up a second place and 2 thirds. Pez managed 2 second places and a third place, with PPGOME and Spartan each picking up a third place. This week we're running an admin hunt! Head to the holodeck at 7pm eastern to join! We may also be running a second adminhunt a few hours after so that australians can join in. Keep an eye on our discord for announcements.
  7. Hi there! Since your banning moderator is no longer on staff, I'll be handling your appeal. Here's some info about your ban for documentation purposes: As it has been over a year, I'll go ahead and unban you. Please make sure you are familiar with our rules.
  8. Last week's results: Congratulations to king_of_queso for winning the spleef tournament! I had to shoot off but I hear that the non-tournament games played after were great too! This week we are at Halloween Town for thimble! As always, /place event will point you there, as well as a marker on the livemap. If you have never played thimble before we'll explain when the event starts, but trust me, its a lot of fun!
  9. This week we are playing Spleef at the Bizarre Bazaar! I've set up /place and an icon on the livemap to point you to the right spot. Expect more event tokens, more silly memes and more fun!
  10. Thank you to everyone who came for a fun night of PvP! The results of tonight: Tournament: 1st: Pez252 2nd: buzzie71 3rd: icedman_ Free for all winners: Round 1: icedman_ Round 2: buzzie71 Round 3: PPGOME Round 4: ttsci Round 5: icedman_ Team battle rounds 1 and 2 winners: cheezychicken, ttsci, Verros, PPGOME and iNerd71! Oh, and RAILS RAILS RAILS! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to PPGOME for providing the arena and hosting us! Join us same time next week for another night of fun and games. I'll announce where and what we'll be doing closer to the time. Remember if you have an arena just message any Padmin and we can add you to the list to use!
  11. We'll be running events every Friday at 7pm Eastern. We do have a few arena simulations set up in the holodeck but we’d much rather visit your towns and cities. If you have an arena of any sort and want to host a games night contact any of the Padmin team and we’ll add you to a list of arenas. I would love some variation in arena types so we play all sorts of games, from spleef to PvP! If you want to host the event in your city as well as provide the arena just say so and we’ll sort the advertising out while you get the fun of herding cats… I mean organising players to play! This weeks event (04/10/19) is PvP at PPGOME's arena! You can /place Event or have a look at the livemap to work out how to get there.
  12. Gonna be away from my computer monday-friday next week so I won't be in-game
  13. Greetings recruit! The ESS Nerd is currently en-route to a new planet. On July 26th you will start your next assignment exploring and colonising this new world. Expect further details about this mission at a later date. The leadership are excited for you to join this expedition and apologise for the delay in the ship arriving. Your client version will need to be updated to 1.14.3 when the mission begins to join. (Although a newer client version may be required if the developers release one) The current revision will end with 3 days of chaos! The map will be saved for the final time to be put up for download, then all player protections will be removed. TNT will also be enabled, giving players the chance to lay waste to the map! Map World will close and be saved on July 20th for us to do some tidying and fix it up. It will be back for the new rev with the same maps in the same places, so don’t worry about losing your work.
  14. Apologies for not posting any responses on the 16th. We had seen your feedback but felt that it would be best to wait for more to respond before making another post. Thanks for all your feedback! We’ve read through every post and are continuing to discuss the comments you have made. Here’s our responses to all the feedback we’ve been given so far. If you feel like you have a great idea that we missed, don’t be afraid to send it to one of the team directly; We’re always happy to get input from you, the players, on how to improve the server! The Spawn Building Your general feedback seems to be that while this rev’s spawn was very pretty it was too big and complex for most people. For the next spawn we’re working on a simpler layout as well as being generally smaller. There are ongoing discussions around the issue of melons at spawn and balancing the need for new players to find food and the potential abuse with the new villager mechanics. We are working on a way to find a good balance to handle the need for new players to not starve when they join, but not be exploitable in the long term. The Overworld Generally, people seem happy with the current map size, with some asking for a little smaller. We’ll probably stick to the current size as it seems to work well. While some were happy with the vanilla generation others wanted more variance and custom biomes. The amount of biomes and ores in the map seems about right based on your feedback, so we’ll aim for similar next rev. Phantoms are clearly an enemy of many of you, so we’ll look into ways of toning them down a little. The Nether It seems most people enjoyed the custom nether and the mobs within. We’ll continue to tinker with this and try and adjust the general difficulty of the nether to balance usability and enjoyment. The villagers, while appreciated, didn’t seem to be a massive hit so we may reconsider them for next rev. The End Overall you seemed to enjoy the changes to the end, but some would appreciate the end to feel a little more vanilla. We’re also looking at the ores and additional blocks to see if they can become more balanced for risk to reward. We recognise that the singular dragon egg is annoying, so we’ll see if adjustments can be made so more than one drops per rev. Elytra You all seemed to love the NerdyDragon fight and the guaranteed elytra drop. We will investigate alternative methods for gaining elytra for those that don’t want to fight the dragon but for the moment most people seem happy to keep them dragon-only. Mapworld Generally, mapworld appears to be working well, issues with printers aside (This is, I believe, an issue with NCP). We'll roll the current mapworld over into next rev. Portals 9 portals total seems to be around the right amount based on your feedback, but some have suggested fewer might be an interesting change. Some of you are calling for everyone to be able to make portals too. We’re thinking hard on this, as currently portals do act as hubs within the server away from spawn and the limited portal numbers appear to lead to more concentrated infrastructure linking towns and cities. Iron Golem Spawners You all seem happy with the current iron spawner costs and mechanics so we’ll leave them roughy the same. We may add some additional costs in line with the new requirements for villages in 1.14 to keep it close to vanilla. Custom Spawners You appear to like the current set of custom spawners, with the creeper spawner seen by some as unnecessary. The lack of a shulker spawner was not an issue for most people but we could look into a slow spawning one to ensure there is a slow but consistent supply. From your feedback it seems the enderman spawner could do with a speed boost, however. As always there is a balance to be made between no custom spawners and custom spawners for all the mobs, so we’ll work on this for next rev. Custom Drops from Ore, Mobs, Loot chests and Sugarcane You seemed to enjoy the custom drops and the trades in spawn. The items not stacking and filling up your inventory while mining did annoy those not overly interested in trading so we’ll work on making them take up less storage space. Custom Saddles Those of you that used the traders at spawn appreciated them, so we’re looking into possible additions to make them more appealing to the rest of the server. Events We have heard your frustrations on the events re-used from previous revs, but also those of you that appreciate the events we have run so far this rev. We’re always trying to think of new events to run and if you have ideas don’t be afraid to pitch them to us! End of Rev Almost all of you want some kind of end-of-rev event so we’ll try and organise this within the last few weeks. Other We’ll look into potentially enabling TNT in a very limited manner for next rev. Cujobear touched on this in her first response but we are concerned with grief and the effect of TNT on regions. Hopefully next rev we'll start doing blog posts on some sort of schedule. The new site has functionality for this so it'll be fun to play around and see what we can do. I've recently responded to suggestion-box suggestions and I'm checking them whenever I remember so if you have an idea don't be afraid to submit it! Thank you again for all the feedback. We really appreciate you taking the time to tell us what we did well this rev and what we can improve upon. We’ll leave the post open until evening America time for anyone who wants to add their own feedback that hasn’t already done so. - The PAdmins
  15. 13-June Added "/usepack silent-dragon" and "/usepack windy-dragon" to change the ender-dragon death sound.
  16. Mar 30 Suggestion Box 1. /help mapworld is not very useful and could be rewritten or direct to a more informative site We’ll look into making this more informative soon. We agree that it could be better. 2. Can Bardidley make next rev's map? He's very good at making maps. Bardidley is a Cadmin and so tends to not be involved with P. We’ll try our best to make a great map ourselves within the Padmin team. 3. can we get a clanchat thats toggleable on and off instead of having to /c everything We’ve passed this on to the techs as a possible addition to clanchat. 4. leaderboard command could stand to not take the decimals out to 14 places We’ve passed this on to the techs. 5. stacksaddles like stackcarts We’ve passed this on to the techs. 6. the alert about the pve information guide should use "nerd.nu/pve_guide" not just a shortened url. Some people don't trust shortened URLs. We will try to set up a redirect so that a shortened URL isn’t needed. 7. make the default cart speed the fast version We like to keep things such as this to the default settings so that players with slower computers or internet aren’t affected by plugins moving them faster than their computer can handle. 8. make the default for the chairs plugin "off" We will pass this on to techs 9. please make /nextrestart correct (since we are currently restarting hourly), its very misleading We apologize for that, while fighting with lag we had been switching between hourly and 2 hour restarts, things have finally settled enough that we should be on 2 hour restarts from now on 10. Any chance that elytra particles or something could be bought for doubloons at some point? I'd imagine most people with large amounts of them don't have much use for horses anyways at this point. We are looking into this as a possibility for next rev. 11. Please add /gin and /lsd back, I miss being able to play drunk in and out of game For the moment commandhelper, the plugin that enables these commands, is quite unstable and so we are keeping it to the absolute necessities. We have passed this on to the techs to look into as a future possibility. 12. How about a constant message a week, maybe 2, before a rev is closing to have everyone place their shulkers on the ground so that future historians (us) can see what players used while we revisit old revs? We don’t feel this would be worth putting in as an alert. 13. the zombie horsemen in the traps should be wearing unique heads that LOOK like pumpkins, vaguely (or something else, in that unexplored avenue for a unique drop) We’ll look into this as a possibility for next rev. 14. admins, consider giving region owners the ability to use TNT within their region 😄 For the moment it is far too easy to use TNT to grief. Perhaps with additional plugins to stop the possibility of TNT grief this might be feasible, but it is not currently. 15. Scute drops from turtles growing up should be plumped like drops from other mob-limited animals We’ve passed this on to the techs to implement. 16. I would love a more advanced armor stand mod/datapack that makes posing the armor stands easier. We feel that with the limited time the techs have that implementing this isn’t overly useful. https://deadmap.com/standmaster is a good tool to use instead. 17. can i please use /shrug to do the ascii shrug? With the instability in command helper and the likelihood of this being abused, we won’t be implementing this. 18. Bring back the /nearest commands, like /nearest-portal, or /nearest-end-portal, etc. /place netherportal and /place endportal act this way. 19. Bring back Mob Arena! 😄 We’ll look into this as a possible future event. 20. Make it so phantoms don't count time awake as being AFK, so that people that AFK don't get swarmed the minute they leave a box We are discussing possibly changing phantom spawns in the new rev but for the moment are leaving this as it is in vanilla Minecraft. 21. I recommend disabling Frost Walker. I'm able to permanently mess with flowed water and sometimes create permanent ice We’ll look into disabling this, but don’t feel that there has been much grief due to frost walker. As such it will likely stay. 22. custom resource pack to replace the Mall record with Darude - Sandstorm You can create your own resource pack to do this relatively easily. 23. please reconsider /ignore dragon noises; you've got custom saddles, custom drops, we can ignore other users. This doesnt seem like something to far outside of what you consider allowable for the server compared to other things available. you've also provided users with a /hud command, which is far more than what is being requested with the /ignore-dragon option. 24. Seriously, FUCK how loud the dragon fight win noise is, can you add a command to turn it off We have passed this on to the techs, but for the moment a resource pack that removes the dragon noise is likely the best option. I've attached a resource pack to this post that should do this. (Standard disclaimer that while it should work, I don't guarantee it will.) NoDragon.zip
  17. Hi Temaxt, Thank you for your appeal. Here is some quick documentation for our records: You were banned for breaking the rule "No offensive/inappropriate constructions or skins" Please take a moment to review the rules and confirm you understand. You will be unbanned in 1 day due to the combination of this and your previous warnings for offensive chat. Thanks, cheezychicken
  18. It may be far too much work for the techs and staff, but I'd love a Tekkit-esque server. Not sure what builds are used a lot at the moment, plus from what I have witnessed tekkit is quite unstable and resource-heavy. If not, perhaps a snapshot survival server with minimal moderation and no plugins?
  19. Hello, you were banned for re-routing a player's railway line into a pool of lava. The attached picture shows this grief. The ban system we use does not confuse people after name changes - it is based off a unique ID to your account. I would advise you to ensure your account has not been compromised. As the ban occurred over 6 months ago I will unban you now. Please ensure you have read our rules and abide by them in the future.
  20. You were warned not to use xray client mods at spawn, in the in-game help (reproduced here) and in the rules You're banned for one week. Your inventory is cleared and all your edits are gone. Open a new appeal on the 28th of July to be unbanned. Here is the evidence I have compiled of your xray mining.
  21. I'll be away on the European continent for a week starting tomorrow.
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