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ShiHandan [cujobear]


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Top start, your other post to ban appeals has been removed, as the forum is not an appropriate place for copy-pasta or low effort threats (if that was the intent). Please keep posts here on topic. 

You were banned for evasion. This adds one week to your ban time. You have also been x-raying. This comes with a rollback of your edits and 1 week of banned time (since it was your first x-ray offense).  With these together starting from the date of you ban, your ban will end on September 27. Please follow up at that time to be unbanned. 


PlaceRebuilder was banned on September 4, only after that account was banned did this account log in. 

You were also x-raying on the PlaceRebuilder account. All edits on that account have been rolled back as well. This is being treated as one extended instance of xray and will not come with additional ban time. 

Please take a moment to read the server rules and follow up on September 27 if you would like to be unbanned.


Thank you,


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