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Revision 28 Suggestion Box Responses


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  • Make portal shards non placeable. it makes so much sense to fill the portal with portal shards that I did that, now my shards are useless. Yes, I am aware I should have read the rules more carefully, still sucks. 
  • Have "portal shards" represented by prismarine shards or any non placeable item to prevent folk placing the shards thus wasting time and currency
  • remove nether portal shards and just use guilders. 
    • Not only were shards explained in the info post and on the item itself https://imgur.com/a/WY7dChE so there really should be no confusion on how to use the shards. However; we have changed the portal shards into a non-placeable item.  Since we have made this compromise to make things easier for you, we hope that in the future you will also take the time and effort to refer to the info post or ask questions if you do not understand something. 


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  • Distant future suggestion -- powdered snow clumps in the end instead of regular snow
    • As if the end isn't terrifying enough! Although we haven't player with powdered snow enough to know why large quantities would be needed, we can certainly look into adding powdered snow clumps in the end in future revs. 
  • Boost moss creation range (customly) to a bit higher (1-3 radius more)
  • make bonemealing tall grass over moss also bonemeal the moss
    • Once again, this is a new game mechanic we do not know a lot about. However, at this time we feel that this is not something that needs plumping for a multiplayer server. Moss seems easy enough to get.
  • Like how we can ignore deaths, can we ignore pvp on/off alerts? thank you ❤️
    • We can understand how the alerts can become annoying during events or when players are trying to get their head to drop. We can look into adding something, but no promises.
  • ok so, mob heads aren't exactly the EASIEST thing to collect, so why not make them the currency for buying spawn eggs once they become available at spawn?
    • It is an interesting concept. Heads are fairly easy to come by with a channeling trident, and most players looking to buy eggs want to because they CAN'T find the animal.  Regardless, we feel that the current way of buying eggs is fair.
  • /mutechat please... I only wanna see clanchat sometimes
    • Try going into Options -> chat settings -> commands only
  • a /jail? I feel as if it would work to punish players instead of instantly banning/kicking them
    • We aren't trying to "punish" players. There is a consequence for deliberately breaking rules. We have very rarely, if ever, instantly banned a player. Using a kick as a warning and ultimately banning if the rule breaking continues we feel is more effective and less disruptive than a "jail" in game would be. 
  • Apply the glowing effect to anyone who has bad omen, so if they come into our villager area they can be called out for it. 
    • We understand that having your villager markets subject to raids is very frustrating, but we feel that bad omen and raids are part of normal gameplay and precautions should be made by players to keep villagers safe rather than "marking" players that have bad omen.
  • Whoever builds a grinder and opens it to the public can modreq placement of an information sign in Spawn.
    • Players that want to share the location of their grinders can modreq for a marker to be placed on the live map. 
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