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SquaresThere (Gitched and Explored)


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Hey there Gang,

I am here writing to appeal a ban I've received for glitching outside an event arena area and exploring the neighboring areas. Once I learned that it could be done from that arena, I should have just reported the vulnerability and let you all know immediately. I didn't do this though, and curiosity got the best of me. Bottom line, I violated the server rules and policies, and my ban is totally warranted.

You all go to great lengths to keep the server running smoothly and make it a fun and safe place to build. But not only that, all these events and special areas that you put together for us to have fun in are meant to be exciting surprises to keep our experience on the server fresh and engaging. Going out and exploring the way I did totally spoils all that and is in total disregard for the time and effort you put in to this place (and not to mention could result in giving an unfair edge to players). I truly meant not harm and I'm genuinely very sorry. For what it's worth, you guys do so friggin' good a job that it's hard to not wonder what stuff might be out there behind the scenes. 😉

Anyway, however long I need to be banned for, go for it. And if it's a perma-ban, hey, that's all good too. Life goes on. Rules are rules, we all have to play by them. And me, I didn't follow them.



– SquaresThere





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Thank you for your response. I understand that curiosity can get the better of us sometimes and I appreciate that you understand why what you did was against the rules.  The world you glitched into is indeed the area that admins use to create events such as the admin hunts which use builds from past revisions and as such these builds would be hard to include into the overworld. 

Padmins do put a lot of trust into our player base and it honestly hurts when that trust is broken. 

I am taking into account that you have been a long time upstanding player that has never caused issue on the server in the past and the fact that you realized that you should not have been where you were and left the area without making edits. 

You are now unbanned.

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