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__V4GU3__ [pez252]


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Hi __V4GU3__,

On Feb 22, 2020 you were warned for racism on PvE.
On Dec 30, 2021 you were warned again for racism and homophobia on PvE.
You were also warned multiple times for grief on PvE. Eventually you were banned.

Here is your previous ban appeal:

A sample of messages leading to your warnings/ban

2020-02-21-1.log.gz:[21:18:58] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <Real_Spook> well arent you just a nigger
2021-12-29-1.log.gz:[19:07:27] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <__V4GU3__> unless your a fag
2021-12-29-1.log.gz:[19:07:38] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <__V4GU3__> hail hitler
2021-12-29-1.log.gz:[19:07:54] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <__V4GU3__> nazism is the correct path for america

You stated in your previous appeal that you were not in control of your account at the time, but a repeat of the same behavior nearly two years later implies that you had been in control of the account the whole time, and that your behavior had not changed. Now, about a year and a half later, please give me some more information on why should I expect a change in your behavior.


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