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2020 Fundraiser Wrap-Up Post

The main events of the 2020 Nerd.Nu Semi-Charity Skyblock Fundraiser have come to a close! The Creative and PvE Servers are up once again. Both have been updated, and are now running on 1.16.4! The Event server is also still running for now, so those of you who missed out will still get a chance to claim an island and experience Skyblock. While the main events are over, you may still collect the Scavenger Hunt items and /modreq to win 8CC. All Spawn traders are still open as well. E.nerd.nu will remain open for at least 2 weeks - think of this as a potential trial run for something more long-term.

Donation Totals

We'd like to thank everyone once again for their outstanding generosity, especially during this particular year. At the time of this writing, the donation total on Nerd.Nu/donate is now $4323.30! That is by far the highest total in recent memory! As advertised, we will be donating a full 50% to Child's Play, which at the time of this writing is a whopping $2161.65!. All PayPal fees will be coming come out of Nerd.Nu's share, making the community's total $1980.53. We are absolutely blown away by your kindness! After this year's drive, we have enough funding to pay for server costs through December 2021 and beyond!

Update 12-27-2020: The Child's Play donation has been made!


In addition to all of you who've donated your time and money over the weekend, we'd also like to thank the staff who've helped make this event possible: Firstly, major credit to totemo, who suggested we do Skyblock in the first place, and worked hard to get the server up and running (and keep it that way.) Big thanks also go out to Deaygo, for maintaining our Donate page, and implementing the donation announcements you saw on the server and on Discord during the weekend. Lastly on the tech team, we'd like to give a shout out to Challenger2, whose NerdPlot plugin made island-claiming possible, and who helped run Saturday Night Spleef. In addition, please thank pez252 for creating Spawn Island, the bulk traders, and all of the individual player islands; defiex for her wonderful tweets, announcements, and her work on the warp sign wall; fazaden for working out the trades and their ratios, setting up the Trading Hall, FFA Spleef, and PvP arenas, and coordinating the minigames and events during the fundraiser; Bluuefuzzy for building Thimble, the park, and the beautiful Trading Hall's tree; buzzie71 for building the fantastic 1v1 Spleef arena; King_of_queso for his road design; assasymphoni and zburdsal for their landscaping; and everyone else on the mod team who added their little touches to Spawn.

Now, for the moment you've been waiting for: the Contest winners!

Island Superlatives

The community votes are in! Here are the results for Individual islands:

Prettiest: Penergy

Spookiest: zburdsal

Most Useful: dogo1005MC

And here are the Group island winners:

Prettiest: Rose

Spookiest: Daloria

Most Useful: Solace

(For judging purposes, an Individual island has only 1 owner, and no region members. A Group Island has more than one person on the same region.)

Cobble-Collection Contest

After the close of regulation Event time, the Head Admin team diligently went from island to island, and counted up every last Cobblestone, RC, CC, and PC in your starter chests, and we can now reveal the results! Overall, the community managed to collect and store currency equivalent to 39,962,484 blocks of cobble! Here are the top three collectors, in both the Group and Individual categories:

Richest Islands - Individual:

  1. Oxion, with 5,242,880

  2. UncleTito1, with 767,461

  3. dogo1005MC, with 198,464

Richest Islands - Group:

  1. Solace, with 14,568,576

  2. Rose, with 12,866,427

  3. Stormmblade's Island, with 2,130,304

Misc. Statistics

• 355,264 Cobblestone Blocks broken by hand

• 122 Islands claimed

• 3 Thimble matches won by ghrey303

Over 276,909 mobs killed in the Overworld, including:

• 75,414 skeletons

• 75,291 zombies

• 75,048 creepers

• 44,045 spiders

• 1,713 chickens

• 1,588 cows

• 1,071 pigs

• 761 witches

• 686 phantoms

• 347 endermen

• 213 slimes

• 187 sheep

• 104 magma slimes

• 96 rabbits

• 86 mooshrooms

• 75 wither skellies

• 69 drowned

• 50 bees

• 31 snowmen

• 15 withers

• 12 blazes

• 3 wolves

• 3 polar bears

• 1 fox

Over 6,440 kills happened in the Nether, including:

• 2,594 magma slimes

• 1,914 wither skeletons

• 898 blazes

• 867 zombie pigmen

• 152 ghasts

• 6 chickens

• 4 pigs

• 3 foxes

• 1 phantom

• 1 unfortunate panda

Thank you all for playing, and enjoy the rest of your year!