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2021 Fundraiser Skyscraper Build!

It's that time of year again: Summer (or Winter, depending on where you are) is drawing to a close, the temperature is falling (or rising), and nighttime is stretching a few minutes longer (or shorter) every day. That's right, it's time to prepare for Nerd.Nu's 2021 Annual Semi-Charity Fundraiser! Just like last year, we'll be splitting the proceeds 50-50 (all Paypal fees being paid by us, of course) with Child's Play, a charity which donates toys and video games to children in hospitals around the world.

Full details will be forthcoming, but here's what you need to know for now:

  • The event will take place in early December

  • All other Nerd.Nu servers will be shut down that weekend

  • And most importantly, we're looking for build contributions from you, the community!

We're being tight on details involving the theme for now, but the setting will be a vast, ruined city. And what good is a city without buildings? Starting right now, a world has been opened on the Creative server where you can claim a plot and help add your own personal touch! On the Creative server, type /warp skyscraper and you'll be taken to a world with large plots. Simply stand in an open plot and type /nerdplot claim to get started.

  • All plots are 55x55 blocks, including the border. You can't dig down past the dirt at y=63, but you can build all the way up to the sky limit!

  • Each player may only claim one plot for now, but you can add other members or owners to your plot's region.

  • WorldEdit is enabled for the owners of a plot.

  • Your skyscraper can be much smaller than 55x55, and you're allowed to make more than one building per plot. If you make separate, unconnected buildings, they may not be placed together on the final Fundraiser map.

  • All city buildings are welcome! You're not limited to skyscrapers, you can also make parks, theaters, fountains, apartment buildings, etc.

  • While there is no required theme or color scheme, if you'd like a little guidance, think Futuristic.

  • Since this will be a ruined city, all builds will start the event in a mostly destroyed state (though if things go well, they definitely won't end the event that way ;D) . If you have room in your plot to make an identical copy of your building, you are welcome to make a broken-down version of your build, but otherwise the staff will take care of it.

  • Interior decoration is completely optional, as most of the buildings in the event will not be fully explorable.

  • The Skyscraper world will be open for 6 weeks, and will close shortly after Speed Build on Saturday, October 30th.