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A Valentine's Poem....

Roses are red,

Admin Hunts are fun

Hey! Look at that torch

it's on the run!!!

This weekend the Padmins will be hosting 5 sessions of Valentine Day Admin Hunts.

How do Admin Hunts work?

Admin Hunts work like Prop Hunt. Admins can be disguised as blocks, mobs, or even other players. Find them and kill them to earn loot boxes. We ask that players be respectful of each other and make sure the loot boxes get to the player most deserving of the prize. This could mean that a player that found and did 90% of the damage to an admin be given the loot box by the player that swooped in and got the final killing swing in. Since admins are particpants if they ask you to pass a loot box to the player they know deserves the prize, please be considerate and pass the box over.

During admin hunts many of the admins will also be in mumble. While we do try to give hints in the event clanchat, it is quite fun to hear us fret and scream in mumble!

Where is the Admin Hunt?

This Admin hunt will be held at Berrybury from Rev 27. Berrybury was built by TemporarilyAlive and Spook6.

You can get there by taking the carriage at the North entrance of Spawn. You will need an empty inventory to enter the arena. However, there will be chests available at the arena. Use /cprivate to claim a chest and add your name to the sign on the chest.

When will the sessions take place?

Killing admins is fun, but will there be anything else to do at the arena?

Glad you asked! In addition to the usual 20 event tokens and admin hidden around the arena, there are also 20 Valentines to find and collect. When you see a deco head valentine in the arena, look for a nearby sign and click it. Each sign has a max use of 1 per player.