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Update on Revision 27 close and Revision 28 launch

Hello fellow Nerds!

We just want to give you a heads up regarding the Revision 28 launch.

We will be adjusting the Revision launch time to Saturday, Jan 22 at 2pm Eastern time. This will work best for LadyCailin, the tech leading the switch over.

Revision 27 will come to a close 2 hours before . This should give us ample time to for a smooth transition.

On Friday Night we will have a mob event in an arena built by Stormblade.

You can help be donating materials for withers and dopples (2 diamond blocks and a carved pumpkin named a player)

Following the event we will take the final save of the map and then switch to chaos mode for the end of the rev.

This depends mostly on tech and staff availability and is subject to change.

Help us add a map wide event to Rev 28!

PvE's Revision 28 will launch on January 21st with the theme: Steampunk and the padmins want your help sprucing the map with your best builds!

For this revision we are looking for Steampunk style buildings or vehicles for the overworld. This will be similar to the Roadside Attractions from Rev 25. Padmins will hide the builds around the overworld before the revision launch for players to explore and find a collectible. We are limitng the complete set at 20 collectibles so the 20 best builds will be chosen.

Due to not having 1.18 blocks available on the Creative server we will allow players to build in their single player worlds and turn in a litematica schem to be pasted into a 1.18 world and judged. For those without litematica we can change some blocks to 1.18 blocks after pasting (talk with cujo via discord before beginning your build if you want blocks replaced)

How To Participate:

In game

  • type /warp WeeklyBuild
  • Make sure to read the rules below and the category before starting
  • Find an empty plot and type /nerdplot claim
  • You may build with a friend, and you do have access to World Edit!
  • The contest will run from tonight until Saturday, Jan 15th, at 9PM EDT.

Using Litematica

  • Keep builds to a 25x25x50 area ( 25 x 25 wide and 25 deep)
  • build on flat land
  • Send a copy of the schematic to cujobear via discord by Jan 15th


  • No NSFW builds
  • builds can be any size, as long as it fits within the build plot, no more than 25 blocks deep.
  • you can enter as many builds as you would like, and can even build more than one entry per plot
  • All entries become the property of Nerd.nu
  • Not all entries will be used in the next map, depending on how the build fits in the theme, build size, and how the build will fit on the map

Recap & Other Info

  • 1.18 blocks will not be available on the Creative Server
  • these builds are for the overworld
  • Like in previous revs, padmins will be adding a collectible to the builds used
  • Builds should be able to be explored in under 10 mins
  • Your builds will be protected from grief, but also be sure not to include player traps or areas that would require the player to dig or build

~the padmins

New Revision and Feedback for Rev27

As the year draws to a close, so does PvE Revision 27. Don't be sad, however, as Rev 28 is just around the corner! On the 21st of January 2022 PvE Rev 28 will begin. The theme for the new rev will be "Steampunk" and we'll be launching on 1.18.1! More information will follow in the info post 24 hours before rev launch.

While we have a basic plan for the new revision, we do still want to hear your feedback from the current revision. Your thoughts on the new things we did for rev27 are especially needed, so we can see what worked and what didn't. You can fill out the google form here, comment on the reddit thread, or message any of the PAdmins to give your feedback.

The Snowmen are ready to fight!

Snowmen have come alive and are on the attack!

Starting tonight and lasting through New Years Day, you will encounter some Winter Snowmen ready for a snowball fight.

But be careful, their snowballs pack a punch and can be dangerous. Side effects of getting hit include blindness, weakness, poison, and more!

Defeating the snowman will earn you some nice loot that can include 6 different snowman heads, 2 plushies, $pudcoin, and sometimes an Event Token!

Other mobs are also feeling the cold and will rarely drop snowy heads.

Hope you all have a happy holiday season, and expect word of a new rev to be coming very soon! ~the padmins

Trick or Treat, Smell zombie feet, Give me something GOOD!

It's that spooky time again and we will be celebrating with a mob event!

Starting this Thursday night and running through the end of October, the zombies on PvE will be trick or treating.

The zombies really want to go trick or treating, and nothing will get in their way. Zombies will spawn dressed in costume and have a chance of carrying a trick, a treat, or a trick or treat basket. The zombies will be slightly stronger than normal, but should not be too difficult to beat. (about the same level as the mods from the Rev 25 sta-cation event)

This event will be full of collectibles which will include:

  • 20 costumes (skull, shirt, pants, boots)
  • 9 treats
  • 9 tricks
  • 6 trick or treat baskets

Don't Forget! Halloween Town's Halloween Party will be held on Friday Oct 29th and Saturday Oct 30th at the usual event times.

Happy Halloween!

~the padmins

NITWITS has returned!!!

The National Institution of Turning Wittiness Into Treasure Society has made it's return to PvE.

The NITWITS strive to stump you with riddles, codes, and hunts to test your wordplay repartee. The first challenge has been posted on the top floor of spawn. A reminder of how to play can be found on the back side of the wall. New clues will be added periodically, but all starting clues will be kept up so the hunt can be done at your own pace.

Each hunt will be in three parts:

Part one a riddle - will be posted in the book on the lectern on the top floor of spawn. Click the corresponding sign with the correct answer and you will be given a piece of paper with coordinates. Take the item from the riddle to this location and find. . .

Part two a code - break the code and you will be led to an area of the map. The area will be a town, portal, or landmark.

Part three a hunt - explore that area for the NITWITS iconic sculpture to earn your prize! You will need to click the beacon sign with the paper you received at spawn to earn your prize. The Location given in part is only an area (aka, If I didn't get permission from an owner you may need to look on the outskirts of the location rather than within.)

*Make sure to have at least one inventory spot open to receive items from sign clicks.

*Beacons can be found high or low, in caves, behind doors, and maybe even in buildings, but will always be accessible without digging or building.

*New riddles will be added periodically, so be sure to check back once in a while.

*Be sure to keep all prizes, as a reward for completion is a very good possibility

Please contact me with any questions or concerns or anything really!

But most of all Have Fun!

PvP is coming to PvE!

As was hinted in the Rev 27 announcement post, we now have a PvP toggle on PvE! It's a pretty basic plugin, with just three commands: /pvp on, /pvp off, and /pvp list.

Turning PvP on will give you a red name in the scoreboard and above your head, as well as you showing up in /pvp list. For PvP to be allowed, both the attacker and the defender must have PvP on.

With this plugin introducing some new mechanics to PvE, we have new rules and guidelines to go with it:

  • Do not trick, bait, or pressure people into turning on PvP.

  • PvP enabled is at your own risk. Unplanned kills by random passers-by are one of these risks.

  • If there is an agreement to return drops after a PvP fight, this must be followed.

  • Combat logging, specific tool or armour use and other agreements are not enforced by staff. If someone you are pvping with breaks an agreement other than drops being returned, move on and don’t PvP with that person again.

  • Normal chat rules surrounding civility and abuse still apply.

  • There is a PvP clanchat for discussion of PvP fights, if it gets too spammy in general chat.

Remember you can use /dynmap hide or /dynmap show to hide/show yourself on dynmap.

Without Further Ado...

You are now able to earn an elytra for killing the dragon in the end. However, it will not be an easy fight. The dragon is protected by 10 crystals. These crystals can only be destroyed by defeating the boss mob each crystal transforms into.

To start this epic battle, place 4 crystals around the end portal just as you would for a vanilla fight. All crystals will be invulnerable once spawned.

The player that places the fourth end crystal to spawn the dragon (the fight “owner”) will receive the prize box when the dragon is defeated, even if they’re off-line. If your inventory is full when the dragon dies and you own the fight, the plugin will record your victory and you can claim it later by running /dragon prize. You can check the current stage and owner of the dragon fight by running /dragon info.

Fights that are abandoned by a player unable to defeat the bosses will have ownership transferred by admins to a player willing to complete the fight. If you feel you cannot defeat the dragon solo, please ask for help or ask someone to take over before logging out. Admins can change ownership of the dragon fight for you. If there are no admins online, please run /dragon info and /seen on the fight owner, take a screenshot of that info, then modreq that the fight was abandoned (with an imgur link to the screenshot) BEFORE killing the dragon. Otherwise we cannot look back to see who to contact about the prize box.

The Prize box will be 1 of 10 different shulkers. Prizes will include the dragon head, elytra, a mob skull and other goodies. Want to be the Ultimate Dragon Slayer? Trade your dragon heads in for a dragon egg with the number of dragon fights completed as the egg name. Hang the egg in an item frame to show your DragonSlayer level! (DragonSlayer levels will start at 5 dragons killed, for higher levels you will need to trade in your lower level egg plus additional dragon heads)

A few more words from the padmins:

The DragonFight plugin was developed by totemo, and the bosses were designed by cujobear with input from all the padmins.

We reserve the right to adjust the difficulty of the fight and to make any changes as are necessary to correct any problems discovered. We will factor your feedback into this evaluation.

We also ask that you be considerate of other players and allow everyone an opportunity to obtain a set of elytras before you start trying to speed run the dragon fight.

We strongly suggest players go into this battle

  • Well prepared with good armor, lots of food, arrows, shield, etc
  • With at LEAST 30 mins to fight (first time will most likely take longer)
  • Trying the battle with a group
  • Sleep in a bed near the end portal before entering the end to fight
  • Keeping spare armor, extra food, and weapons somewhere safe nearby

Edited to add-

Finally, I ask that players be respectful of each other and the arena that was built for this fight. Please clean up the arena after your fight including fixing carpet breaks, killing left over mobs, putting out fires, and picking up blocks and boxes / shulkers.

Week One Update


Plugin is not ready, we hope to bring it to the server soon™


Towns with portals will be shown on the live map as a nether portal, we will not be adding a second house marker to the live map. If you want /place for your town to lead players to a location that is not near the nether portal, you are welcome to ask for a /place, but a second marker will not be added to the live map. If you have a mob farm that is open to the public, we will add a skull marker to the live map but will not be adding mob farms to the /place listing


Due to the custom generation used to create the map guardians are not spawning in the ocean monument, we have opted to add spawners to mimic the vanilla generation of guardians.


Due to the custom generation used to create the map, pillagers are not spawning in or around pillager outposts. We have opted to use the Beast-master plug-in to replace mobs in the area with pillager mobs, similar to how the end respawns shulkers. This will be implemented soon.


If you would like to purchase nether roof access please place 64 $pudcoins per 1 block of bedrock in a chest and modreq which blocks you would like removed. You must remove all possible blocks that are not bedrock, admins will not clear excess blocks. Theres is no limit to the size, we ask that roof access be located in the wild (global region) or above your own nether portal (please do not add holes above someone else's build)


We realize that the Terra map generation is missing some of the flowers from the overworld. We have added Florence the Florist who will sell flowers and plants at the following rates: 1 $pudcoin or 128 seeds for 16 flowers or 1 double tall flower

If you find that other items from 1.16 are missing, please contact the admins.


LadyCailin has created a new notification system for PvE's suggestion box. We hope this change will help us keep on top of suggestions throughout the revision. Another new feature added is that the padmins can respond to your suggestion in game. We will also keep a track of all suggestions and responses here


Speaking of LadyCailin, she has also added a couple of new commands to PvE. The first one is /cdefault which can be used to default your lwc shest lock before placing chests. Please remember to change your default back to private when finished using the default to make a number of region or public chests. Admins take no responsibility for chests being locked incorrectly which then led to a lose of items Next is /shrug, which does pretty much what you expect it to.


We are still looking through the current set of region flags available and have marked the following as flags you can modreq to have set in a protected region (not a claim) This list may be expanded later. Please remember that this revision is being used as a test revision and some of these flags may not continue to be offered.

For all Protected Builds (for decoration purposes only)

  • Crop-Growth deny
  • Vine-Growth deny
  • Ice-Form deny
  • Frosted-Ice-Form deny
  • Allow-seating deny
  • Use-Trap-Door deny
  • Use-fence-gate deny
  • greeting messages
  • farewell messages

For Arenas Only

  • Enderpearl deny
  • Chorus-Fruit-Teleport deny
  • PVP allow
  • Mob-Spawning deny

Revision 27 Rails

Hello all!

So the revision has been up for almost a week, and we are starting to get questions about spawn rail connections. Sorry this detailed information was not included in the revision info post.

Spawn rail station has a total of 256 outgoing rail lines and it is set up so that you can either add a drop to an underground rail, or build overland rails in any direction. We do ask that all overland rails be made with consistent materials from start to finish, and any bridges be completed. In other words, please make overland rails look nice. Each destination is a block and wood combination. The outgoing lines have their destination selector combo at the edge. Like this Please make a mod request stating which line you would like to use and what name/town name you would like listed on the directory board. You can also make a modreq so admins can help you connect your rail in the spawn region.

For incoming lines there is also an option for overland or underground returns. For overland rails, there is a return drop at each corner of spawn as seen here For underground rails there is a water elevator return located at -46, 11, -10

Incoming rail lines will need to be a collaborative effort among all the players and we hope that having incoming rails join to share 1 of the main lines into spawn will not be an issue. We do ask that you contact the rail builder before joining your rail into theirs. Feel free to modreq to ask who the line belongs to.

Contact a padmin with any questions you still may have.