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Revision Update -

Hi all!

We are sorry for the continued delay of the launch of Revision 30. We do however want to announce that we are getting close to a new rev announcement. Well I guess technically this is an announcement while at the same time it’s not. We do not have a set date for the new rev, but we know some players have noticed a flurry of activity on pve-dev. We will still give you a full month notice once techs and padmins have settled on a launch date. Staff have been working on preparations while we still wait on a few things that need a bit more work, and the release of 1.20.5. There will also be some significant changes in a few of the plugins or “sprinkles” players are used to, so be sure to read the full info post when it comes out!

Until then, we would like to announce a Screenshot Photo Contest. Send us your favorite screenshots from any revision 1-29. If possible resize images to 256x256 and send an imgur link to cujobear on discord, or in the reddit comment section.

We look forward to an amazing Rev 30!


Rev 29 World Tour

Greetings all!

Due to some very busy schedules and a US holiday, this weekend there will not be a regular gaming event.

However, There is a trader in spawn offering a Self-guided World Tour.

Starting Friday July 7th you will be able to turn in the tokens for prizes at the same booth you picked you the book.

Happy Exploring!

Creeper Easter Is Here !

We all know That Easter is the Creepers Favorite Holiday This year the creepers wanted to go all out with a major celebration. Once More they are all dressed up and ready to Explode Easter on everyone. If you are lucky to survive the Easter explosion look for the special compasses among the Easter loot. These will lead you to the Creepers’ hidden holiday hideouts and the goodies that may have hidden there. A little bunny told me there are 12 unique compasses to find. These compasses will lead you to awesome Easter Prizes !!

The Event will take please from the moment of this post until Tuesday Night so have fun looking for those Prizes !!

To use the Easter pack type /usepack easter You can use /resetpack to clear the resource pack you were using or to return to the normal view. Might not work with 1.19.2 So this link will allow you to download the Resource Pack. [ http://nerd.nu/resourcepacks/PvE29Easter.zip ] Trust me will make the event much better :)

Maybe it's just the luck o' the Irish

They're Baaaaacccckkkkk

That's right. Those pesky leprechauns are at it again!

Starting tomorrow evening and running through Monday (US Central (cujobear) time) PvE will be teeming with leprechauns who are ready to fight you to keep all their gold for themselves.

Fight back and collect all the goodies they drop. You will be able to turn in drops for special items at a trader in spawn (arriving on Saturday).

This will not be an easy fight. Leprechauns are small and fast! They are armed and pack a bit of a punch! Be prepared for an epic battle.

Happy St Patrick's Day! ~the padmins

A Valentine's Poem....

Roses are red,

Admin Hunts are fun

Hey! Look at that torch

it's on the run!!!

This weekend the Padmins will be hosting 5 sessions of Valentine Day Admin Hunts.

How do Admin Hunts work?

Admin Hunts work like Prop Hunt. Admins can be disguised as blocks, mobs, or even other players. Find them and kill them to earn loot boxes. We ask that players be respectful of each other and make sure the loot boxes get to the player most deserving of the prize. This could mean that a player that found and did 90% of the damage to an admin be given the loot box by the player that swooped in and got the final killing swing in. Since admins are particpants if they ask you to pass a loot box to the player they know deserves the prize, please be considerate and pass the box over.

During admin hunts many of the admins will also be in mumble. While we do try to give hints in the event clanchat, it is quite fun to hear us fret and scream in mumble!

Where is the Admin Hunt?

This Admin hunt will be held at Berrybury from Rev 27. Berrybury was built by TemporarilyAlive and Spook6.

You can get there by taking the carriage at the North entrance of Spawn. You will need an empty inventory to enter the arena. However, there will be chests available at the arena. Use /cprivate to claim a chest and add your name to the sign on the chest.

When will the sessions take place?

Killing admins is fun, but will there be anything else to do at the arena?

Glad you asked! In addition to the usual 20 event tokens and admin hidden around the arena, there are also 20 Valentines to find and collect. When you see a deco head valentine in the arena, look for a nearby sign and click it. Each sign has a max use of 1 per player.

Who's Ready to Rock Around the Block?!

The custom dragon fight is finally here!

Starting Friday night after event (9:30pm Eastern US) you will be able to earn an elytra by defeating the Dragon and the 10 bosses that protect it. This is a custom fight, and will not be easy.

To summon the dragon you must place 4 end crystals on the 4 sides of the exit portal in the end. All crystals will be invulnerable once spawned. Each crystal will summon a boss mob that you must defeat before you can do any damage to the dragon.

The player that places the fourth end crystal to spawn the dragon (the fight “owner”) will receive the prize box when the dragon is defeated, even if they’re off-line. If your inventory is full when the dragon dies and you own the fight, the plugin will record your victory and you can claim it later by running /dragon prize. You can check the current stage and owner of the dragon fight by running /dragon info.

Fights that are abandoned by a player unable to defeat the bosses will have ownership transferred by admins to a player willing to complete the fight. If you feel you cannot defeat the dragon solo, please ask for help or ask someone to take over before logging out. Admins can change ownership of the dragon fight for you. If there are no admins online, please run /dragon info and /seen on the fight owner, take a screenshot of that info, then modreq that the fight was abandoned (with an imgur link to the screenshot) BEFORE killing the dragon. Otherwise we cannot look back to see who to contact about the prize box.

The Prize box will be 1 of 10 different shulkers. Prizes will include the dragon head, elytra, and other goodies.

Want to be the Ultimate Dragon Slayer? Trade your dragon heads in for a dragon egg with the number of dragon fights completed as the egg name. Hang the egg in an item frame to show your DragonSlayer level! (DragonSlayer levels will start at 5 dragons killed, for higher levels you will need to trade in your lower level egg plus additional dragon heads)

A few more words from the padmins:

  • The DragonFight plugin was developed by totemo, and the bosses were designed by cujobear and totemo.
  • We reserve the right to adjust the difficulty of the fight and to make any changes as are necessary to correct any problems discovered. We will factor your feedback into this evaluation.
  • We also ask that you be considerate of other players and allow everyone an opportunity to obtain a set of elytras before you start trying to speed run the dragon fight.

We strongly suggest

  • Be well prepared with good armor, lots of food, arrows, shield, etc
  • Be sure to have at least 30 mins to fight (first time will most likely take longer)
  • Try the battle with a group, and take turns summoning the dragon
  • Sleep in a bed near the end portal before entering the end to fight
  • Keep spare armor, extra food, and weapons somewhere safe nearby

We ask that players be respectful of each other and the arena. Please clean up the arena after your fight including killing left over support mobs, putting out fires, and picking up blocks, boxes, and shulkers.

And finally, I want to thank everyone for their patience while I struggled putting this dragon fight together and while totemo worked through some technical difficulties.


2022 Is coming to an End.... Let's go out with a BANG!

Some old friends will be popping in to send 2022 off with a bang. Keep a watchful eye on the sparkly ones. They've got a trick or two up their... well if they only had arms...

A good bow is recommended. Some blast protection armor would be even better. Failing that, you'd better be a good runner.

We'll be kicking off the festivities at the next restart, and celebrating throughout the weekend.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......

What have those Naughty Elves done ???

Starting December 1st and running through Christmas Day, the Padmins will be Once More hosting the 12 Days of PvE Christmas.

It seems the elves ate too many Christmas cookies and drank the Eggnog when Santa wasn't looking. Too much sugar and "Nog" have led to some Naughty Elf Behavior. Taking a page from their cousins The Elf on the Shelf , Santa's helpers have been running amok at the North Pole. Now and through Christmas Day Be on the lookout for proof of their Mischief! They have hidden around the map evidence of their Crimes against Santa.

They are pleased with themselves and want to show-off all the work they have done so they set up a Christmas Market Stall at Spawn. It's not hard to find , Look for the Candy Canes and Noel the Elf. He will gleefully sneak you a copy of the locations. Rumor has it they took things from Santa's WorkShop and have left gifts for everyone lucky enough to find them.

New locations will be revealed Every 2 days around 8pm EST , Be sure to look for the Elf Broadcast. Always make sure you have the inventory space for your Compass and your Gift !!

These Locations will be Visible Through New Year's Day, when the Elf's Christmas Magic fades away and Noel and the Market must return to the North Pole.

Happy Holidays from the Padmin team !

Halloween Happenings

It's spoopy season once again!!

This year some of the mobs have decided to dress up as their favorite nerd.nu admins.

Hunt mobs dressed as cadmins, techs, heads, and padmins for a chance to collect a jack o'lantern,

Players will work together to earn a prize that will be given out on Halloween.

The number of jack o'lanterns turned in at the spawn trading stall will determine what level prize all players will earn.

9 stacks of jack o'lanterns - Low Tier Prize Box

18 stacks of jack oi'lanterns - Mid Tier Prize Box

27 stacks of jack o'lanterns - High Tier Prize Box

The Halloween Mob Event will start tonight after our weekly event and run through the evening of Oct 31st (US Central (cujobear) time)

Once the tally is done a prize sign will be placed at the trader for players to collect their prize. The prize sign will stay up for 1 week and then will be removed.

Want to be a part of a Map Wide Event in Rev29?

PvE's Revision 29 will launch on October 7th with the theme: 'English Countryside' and the padmins want your help sprucing the map with your best builds!

For this revision we are looking for Folly style buildings for the overworld. Check out wikipedia for an example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folly.

We have been doing this style event for a few revs now, but in case you forgot here is a quick rundown. Padmins will hide the builds around the overworld before the revision launch for players to explore and find a collectible. We are limitng the complete set at 20-25 collectibles so the best builds will be chosen.

Due to not having 1.19 blocks available on the Creative server we will allow players to build in their single player worlds and turn in a litematica schem to be pasted into a 1.19 world and judged. For those without litematica we can change some blocks to 1.19 blocks after pasting (talk with cujo via discord before beginning your build if you want blocks replaced)

How To Participate:

In game

  • log into the Creative server
  • type /warp WeeklyBuild
  • Make sure to read the rules below and the category before starting
  • Find an empty plot and type /nerdplot claim
  • You may build with a friend, and you do have access to World Edit!
  • The contest will run from tonight until Saturday, Sep 24th, at 9PM EDT.

Using Litematica

  • Keep builds to a 25x25 area footprint, you can build 50 high and 25 deep
  • build on flat land
  • Send a copy of the schematic to cujobear via discord by Sep 24th


  • Builds must follow all regular PvE rules. No NSFW builds
  • builds can be any size, as long as it fits within the build plot, no more than 25 blocks deep.
  • you can enter as many builds as you would like, and can even build more than one entry per plot
  • All entries become the property of Nerd.nu
  • Not all entries will be used in the next map, depending on how the build fits in the theme, build size, and how the build will fit on the map

Recap & Other Info

  • 1.19 blocks will not be available on the Creative Server
  • these builds are for the overworld
  • Like in previous revs, padmins will be adding a collectible to the builds used
  • Builds should be able to be explored in under 10 mins
  • Your builds will be protected from grief, but also be sure not to include player traps or areas that would require the player to dig or build

~the padmins