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Admin Hunts, Roadside Attractions and Other Information

Full Listing Now Available -

We are now about 3 months into the revision, and everyone's builds are looking great. We also noticed that the Roadside Attractions no longer stand out as much as they did early in the rev. So, for anyone that has not yet traveled the map, or for those that are only missing 1 or 2 attractions, the following is a list of the Attraction Names, their corresponding numbers, and the builders.

  1. Historic Greenhouse, Smirkules
  2. World's Largest Block of Kelp, ixhi
  3. World's Largest Rocking Chair, LetsBFehr
  4. Eiffel Tower, CephalonOrdis
  5. Blarney Castle, AndyJF
  6. Spire Pond, ixhi
  7. Vanasauras Wreks, iNerd71
  8. Historic Spider Station, King_of_queso (Mystery Sand, iNerd71)
  9. Giant Ball of Twine, fazaden
  10. UFO Crash Site, Tomzski
  11. Stepwell, Treppich (nether)
  12. Western Border Crossing, Block86
  13. Big Potato, NastyHabits
  14. The Ruins, tadrogers
  15. MOW (Museum O' Wonder), tadrogers
  16. Giant Lapis Block, pez252
  17. Amazing Giant Geode, buzzie71
  18. The Mystery Shack, Weird_Grim
  19. Water Park, Raffone_Bros
  20. Bonehenge, Smirkules
  21. Charlie the Chicken, assasymphoni
  22. Historic Noob Settlement, King_of_queso
  23. Ooer Monument, sansapants
  24. Nether Pyramid, Weird_Grim
  25. Dragon Tower, ixhi (nether)

Upcoming Events

Selfie Scavenger Hunt -

Starting July 6th we will be releasing a series of scavenger hunts! There will be 3 levels (easy, medium, and hard). Each level will have 25 things you must locate on the map and take a selfie with. Send the screenshots in an imgur post to earn prizes! More details and a full list of rules will be released soon.

Admin Hunts!

We will be hosting a number of Admin Hunts over the July 4th weekend! This hunt will be a Gary's Mod Prop Hunt style of admins in disguise and players hunting them down and killing them to earn prize boxes. We will be re-visiting Revision 7's Bromland for this event. Exact dates and times will be released by Tuesday Jun 30th.

Points of Interest -

Many revisions back padmins had developed guidelines to determine if a place request would be granted. Things like number of builders, types of services (farms or villagers) that were in the area, arenas or other reasons to visit, and finally how complete the area was.

This revision there are many builds that don't hit some of those criteria and we ultimately responded no to place requests. HOWEVER, we still want players to visit your awesome builds. We have been marking down some of these builds on a list of Points of Interest. If you have built or have seen a build you think should be included in this list please contact cujobear.