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Christmas Events!

Holiday Events

Please check this post again, as I will be adding more events as I get times nailed down.

White Elephant Exchange

Many said they missed out on the Secret Santa gift exchange. I don't have all the details yet but if you would like to be part of a White Elephant Event, please start getting your White Elephant Gift ready.

If you do not know what a White Elephant is, it's a gift of dubious value made up of funny or useful stuff that is not necessarily valuable.

The current plan is to have the exchange take place around 8pm EST on Christmas Eve. You will not need to sign up as gifts will be given randomly and if you can't be there but would like to take part you will need to turn in your gift by Dec 23rd.

Travel to Kitty's Gift exchange Acropolis at -2704, -2677. There you will find a drop off box. Place your white elephant in the double chest (please have it in a shulker box) and name a piece of paper with your playername and add it to the lower left barrel.

At 8pm EST on Christmas Eve we will play a gift exchange game to decide who receives which gift. Those that cannot attend will have a gift randomly chosen for them to pick up later.

Admin Hunts!

Come celebrate the season by killing your favorite admins!

Prop hunt style Admin hunts will take place throughout the weekend. A warp sign will appear on the ship in spawn just before the first scheduled time.

The hunts will take place at the following dates and times:

Dec 25 - 9pm EST

Dec 26 - 12pm EST

Dec 26 - 4pm EST

Dec 26 - 9pm EST

Dec 27 - 12pm EST

Dec 27 - 9pm EST

Weekend Player Event - Christmas Mini Games at Christmas Town Frontier

Instead of the normal weekend event times, this weekend we will have the player made weekend event on Sunday Dec 27 at 3pm EST. Christmas Town Frontier, made by The_Hero27 and others, will include an obstacle race, pvp, and bumper cars.

Mob Event

Attack of the Snow Beasts Dec 28 - Jan 4


There are a total of 8 snow beasts to kill during this event.

Each mob has a chance for a collector head to drop.

4 of the mobs have a full suit of armor to collect.

7 of the mobs have a specialty item that can also drop.

There are also 4 general custom items that can drop.

Keep the drops as we will add a trader in spawn after the event has ended.