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Creeper Easter Is Here !

We all know That Easter is the Creepers Favorite Holiday This year the creepers wanted to go all out with a major celebration. Once More they are all dressed up and ready to Explode Easter on everyone. If you are lucky to survive the Easter explosion look for the special compasses among the Easter loot. These will lead you to the Creepers’ hidden holiday hideouts and the goodies that may have hidden there. A little bunny told me there are 12 unique compasses to find. These compasses will lead you to awesome Easter Prizes !!

The Event will take please from the moment of this post until Tuesday Night so have fun looking for those Prizes !!

To use the Easter pack type /usepack easter You can use /resetpack to clear the resource pack you were using or to return to the normal view. Might not work with 1.19.2 So this link will allow you to download the Resource Pack. [ http://nerd.nu/resourcepacks/PvE29Easter.zip ] Trust me will make the event much better :)