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Easter Events!

The Return of A Very Creeper Easter

Did you know that Easter is the Creeper's absolute FAVORITE holiday?

This year the creepers wanted to go all out with a major celebration. They got all dressed up, gave candies and gifts to their friends, and dyed eggs to hide. It turns out that mobs not only don't like to share, they are greedy and they ruin everything! Now the creepers don't want to give up the beautiful eggs they colored and are keeping them to themselves.

The antics have started and will run through approximately 11pm EDT April 17th.

To get the full experience use tict0c's Easter resource pack by typing /usepack to list your options. There are 2 options /usepack easter or /usepack easter-no-music. You can use /resetpack to clear the resource pack you were using.

Here's a breakdown of what you can expect during the event-

Most regular mobs (zombie varieties, skeleton varieties, witches, and of course creepers) will be replaced with an Easter version. All Easter mobs will appear in the overworld only. Zombies, skeletons, witches, spiders, and endermen may spawn holding Easter goodies. Creepers will spawn with a chance to drop an Easter Egg skull or an Easter Boomer!

There are 20 Easter Eggs to collect, as well as 7 deco skulls and 4 different candies.

Map Wide Easter Egg Hunt

Can you find them all?

Also returning this year is a map wide egg hunt. The hunt will begin on Friday and will stay in place until the end of the revision. Explore the map or check out the live map to find 50 eggs hidden in the overworld. All eggs are 2D and are 9 blocks tall (N/S) and 7 blocks wide (E/W). Some eggs may be slightly hidden (partially under a tree or half in a cave) but all should be mostly visible on the live map.

Once you find the egg you must find the hidden sign with 25 blocks of the egg to claim your prize. You will receive 2 items when you hit the sign, an Easter Egg (deco skull) and an Egg Token. If you can find all 50 Eggs you can turn in the 50 Egg Tokens for a Grand Prize! (the prize box will include event tokens, Guilders, a few other goodies and an Eff VI pick!)


Struggling to find some of the Eggs (or just too lazy to put some effort in?) on May 1st a trader will arrive in spawn to sell Hint Tokens for a hefty price. The hint tokens will be a compass that will lead you to the egg, but you will still need to locate the prize sign on your own.