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Halloween Happenings

It's spoopy season once again!!

This year some of the mobs have decided to dress up as their favorite nerd.nu admins.

Hunt mobs dressed as cadmins, techs, heads, and padmins for a chance to collect a jack o'lantern,

Players will work together to earn a prize that will be given out on Halloween.

The number of jack o'lanterns turned in at the spawn trading stall will determine what level prize all players will earn.

9 stacks of jack o'lanterns - Low Tier Prize Box

18 stacks of jack oi'lanterns - Mid Tier Prize Box

27 stacks of jack o'lanterns - High Tier Prize Box

The Halloween Mob Event will start tonight after our weekly event and run through the evening of Oct 31st (US Central (cujobear) time)

Once the tally is done a prize sign will be placed at the trader for players to collect their prize. The prize sign will stay up for 1 week and then will be removed.