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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......

What have those Naughty Elves done ???

Starting December 1st and running through Christmas Day, the Padmins will be Once More hosting the 12 Days of PvE Christmas.

It seems the elves ate too many Christmas cookies and drank the Eggnog when Santa wasn't looking. Too much sugar and "Nog" have led to some Naughty Elf Behavior. Taking a page from their cousins The Elf on the Shelf , Santa's helpers have been running amok at the North Pole. Now and through Christmas Day Be on the lookout for proof of their Mischief! They have hidden around the map evidence of their Crimes against Santa.

They are pleased with themselves and want to show-off all the work they have done so they set up a Christmas Market Stall at Spawn. It's not hard to find , Look for the Candy Canes and Noel the Elf. He will gleefully sneak you a copy of the locations. Rumor has it they took things from Santa's WorkShop and have left gifts for everyone lucky enough to find them.

New locations will be revealed Every 2 days around 8pm EST , Be sure to look for the Elf Broadcast. Always make sure you have the inventory space for your Compass and your Gift !!

These Locations will be Visible Through New Year's Day, when the Elf's Christmas Magic fades away and Noel and the Market must return to the North Pole.

Happy Holidays from the Padmin team !