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NITWITS has returned!!!

The National Institution of Turning Wittiness Into Treasure Society has made it's return to PvE.

The NITWITS strive to stump you with riddles, codes, and hunts to test your wordplay repartee. The first challenge has been posted on the top floor of spawn. A reminder of how to play can be found on the back side of the wall. New clues will be added periodically, but all starting clues will be kept up so the hunt can be done at your own pace.

Each hunt will be in three parts:

Part one a riddle - will be posted in the book on the lectern on the top floor of spawn. Click the corresponding sign with the correct answer and you will be given a piece of paper with coordinates. Take the item from the riddle to this location and find. . .

Part two a code - break the code and you will be led to an area of the map. The area will be a town, portal, or landmark.

Part three a hunt - explore that area for the NITWITS iconic sculpture to earn your prize! You will need to click the beacon sign with the paper you received at spawn to earn your prize. The Location given in part is only an area (aka, If I didn't get permission from an owner you may need to look on the outskirts of the location rather than within.)

*Make sure to have at least one inventory spot open to receive items from sign clicks.

*Beacons can be found high or low, in caves, behind doors, and maybe even in buildings, but will always be accessible without digging or building.

*New riddles will be added periodically, so be sure to check back once in a while.

*Be sure to keep all prizes, as a reward for completion is a very good possibility

Please contact me with any questions or concerns or anything really!

But most of all Have Fun!