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Slime Spawner has been found!

The second of four custom spawners on the map has been located by Sir_Didymus. You can find it with /place Slime_Grinder. And, yes, it was hidden in a swamp. I honestly thought I didn't hide that one very well. Thanks for all the offers of bribes, the messages asking for hints, and the accusations of forgetting to place the spawner before the rev started. It is always more fun to be involved and you all kept me involved for the entire hunt!

This leaves two spawners left to find: the creeper and the witch. Remember you are looking for a 1 wide by 2 tall pillar of bedrock with a sign on it. If you find it click the sign to claim the spawner! If these are not found soon we think the scientists might be able to help!

Suggestion Box Responses

We have responded to the next batch of suggestions. You can find the responses here

Skull Planet is now Open!

Designed by kumquatmay, skull planet is a place where you can purchase decorative skulls you can not obtain through dopplegangers. There is a transport ship ready at spawn to take you there! You can purchase a Custom Skull Token, then click the sign of the decorative skull you want. And, don't worry you cannot die on Skull Planet. Check out the reddit post here


Admin Hunt

Thank you for all the suggestions for Admin Hunt arenas. We are going through them and have picked out a few we hope to use this rev. We expect to have the first hunt the weekend after the fundraiser.

Weekly Events

We would like to start up holding mini events weekly. This would change weekly from Spleef to Thimble, to PvP and archery events but we want your help! If you would like a week to be hosted in your town, build whatever style of arena you would like in your town and let us know when it is ready for use! More information will be coming soon

Other Events

Just kidding! No information on this until we are ready to release it, but something is being planned.

Around the Map

Pez, the dragon Slayer

No one will ever know the full story. What we do know was that the Pez252 will likely remain at the top spot of the dragon leaderboard for the duration of this rev.
We also know that Pez was trouble shooting the dragon fight, the dragon died and the announcement alerted those online that Pez252 killed the dragon in 3 seconds! Buzzie71 created an amazing "recreation" of the feat immortalizing the event forever. You can find that video here. Buzzie did check with Hanstra before releasing the animation, and Hanstra is the actual current leader with a time of 6 minutes.

Killing Platforms

Solace has announced SPUNK, or Solace Platform Used for Nether Kills. It can be found North of the Northwest Nether Portal.

Pez252 has built a killing platform in the end, directly above the spawn area.

Feature Build



Welcome to Nepenthes.

The town is located in the South at -1373, 1797. Owned by Kirstae and Spook6 this is one place that is a must see this rev!

Named after the carnivorous plant also known as a pitcher plant, the natural beauty is amazing. Besides the town's namesake, you will also find other larger than life flora.

It is quite easy to spend a lot of time just looking around.

Be sure to visit!