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PvP is coming to PvE!

As was hinted in the Rev 27 announcement post, we now have a PvP toggle on PvE! It's a pretty basic plugin, with just three commands: /pvp on, /pvp off, and /pvp list.

Turning PvP on will give you a red name in the scoreboard and above your head, as well as you showing up in /pvp list. For PvP to be allowed, both the attacker and the defender must have PvP on.

With this plugin introducing some new mechanics to PvE, we have new rules and guidelines to go with it:

  • Do not trick, bait, or pressure people into turning on PvP.

  • PvP enabled is at your own risk. Unplanned kills by random passers-by are one of these risks.

  • If there is an agreement to return drops after a PvP fight, this must be followed.

  • Combat logging, specific tool or armour use and other agreements are not enforced by staff. If someone you are pvping with breaks an agreement other than drops being returned, move on and don’t PvP with that person again.

  • Normal chat rules surrounding civility and abuse still apply.

  • There is a PvP clanchat for discussion of PvP fights, if it gets too spammy in general chat.

Remember you can use /dynmap hide or /dynmap show to hide/show yourself on dynmap.