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Rev 27 is coming!

Hiya Nerds!!!

All good things must come to an end, and Revision 26 is no exception,

As you may be aware, Mojang has split the 1.17 update into 2 parts.

This, unfortunately, threw our original plans for Revision 27 for a loop. Without the new blocks and terrain we had been expecting, we had to go back to the drawing board.

Rather than waiting on a release date for the 1.17 update, we have decided to move forward with a new revision, but with a bit of a twist!

This revision will be a bit different than the recent revisions we have hosted on nerd.nu.

To start, we plan on Revision 27 to last 4-6 months instead of the 6-8 month revisions we have hosted in recent years. We are hoping that this will help to get back in sync with Mojang updates.

Because we expect the revision to be shorter than usual. this will be a simplified revision. We have opted out of an overarching revision theme, instead the spawn will be simplified and custom mobs, drops, and dragon fight will be omitted or simplified.

As part of the changes due to the shortened length, we would like to use Revision 27 as a test for implementing some changes to our usual policies. Examples of some of the changes we are looking at are personal nether portals and changes to how claims are marked. (see below for more details) However; please understand that no decisions have been made final and all final decisions will be announced in the info post that is released 24 hours be revision launch.

We have made the decision to announce the launch date a bit early with the hopes that the community can also offer suggestions and input in any changes they want to see us try.

PvE Revision 27 will launch on June 25th (5 weeks from this Friday)

Some of the policies we are looking at updating:

  • Allow portal placements by any player.
    • The connection radius of portals can be reduced and would lessen crossed wiring
  • Personal PvP toggle
    • We are still discussing the implications of this idea
  • The Not Quite SOOO Perfect Villagers
    • Looking into changing the villager trade setting so that they are not as OP
  • Usable region flags
    • We will create a list of region flags we will allow players to request on their protected area.
    • Current flags include vine growth deny and trap door use deny (for decorative trap doors) we hope to expand this list
  • New claims system
    • This is the biggest one. Please read the Region Changes Document for more detailed information. This was a proposal written by zburdsal.
  • Sleep vote
    • A game rule will be added to 1.17 to handle sleep voting on a server. At this time we will wait for the vanilla gamerule rather than adding a plugin.

Please feel free to offer any other suggestions or input of ideas you would like to see discussed.

We look forward to another exciting revision!

~ the padmins