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Revision 27 Rails

Hello all!

So the revision has been up for almost a week, and we are starting to get questions about spawn rail connections. Sorry this detailed information was not included in the revision info post.

Spawn rail station has a total of 256 outgoing rail lines and it is set up so that you can either add a drop to an underground rail, or build overland rails in any direction. We do ask that all overland rails be made with consistent materials from start to finish, and any bridges be completed. In other words, please make overland rails look nice. Each destination is a block and wood combination. The outgoing lines have their destination selector combo at the edge. Like this Please make a mod request stating which line you would like to use and what name/town name you would like listed on the directory board. You can also make a modreq so admins can help you connect your rail in the spawn region.

For incoming lines there is also an option for overland or underground returns. For overland rails, there is a return drop at each corner of spawn as seen here For underground rails there is a water elevator return located at -46, 11, -10

Incoming rail lines will need to be a collaborative effort among all the players and we hope that having incoming rails join to share 1 of the main lines into spawn will not be an issue. We do ask that you contact the rail builder before joining your rail into theirs. Feel free to modreq to ask who the line belongs to.

Contact a padmin with any questions you still may have.