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Scavenger Hunt - Level 1

Welcome to the first of three scavenger hunts hosted on Revision 25.

Explore the map and take a selfie with as many of the 25 people, places, and things listed below that you can find to earn prizes.

Prizes will be awarded at 5,10, 15, 20, &25 pictures.


  1. You must be in the picture you are submitting and the item you are taking a picture of must be recognizable.
  2. You cannot use Spawnville, Roadside Attractions, or your own town for any of the items in the list.
  3. Builds can only be used once, even if it would work for multiple items on the list.
  4. Use no more than 2 builds per town. (i.e. only 2 selfies in Rose, 2 in Solace, etc.)
  5. You cannot build new structures outside of your town to use for one of your pictures. (padmins will be checking)
  6. You must include the item name from the list and the coordinates in the image description Sample

Selfie Scavenger Hunt - Level 1

  1. Clock Tower
  2. Staircase to Nowhere
  3. Pyramid
  4. Fountain
  5. Shipwreck
  6. Coral Reef
  7. Lighthouse
  8. Car (not in Carnivore's Car Lot)
  9. Giant Bee Building
  10. Two-toned Tree Leaves
  11. Monument / Statue
  12. Pillager Outpost
  13. Road Sign (map art)
  14. Ice Boat Race Track
  15. Tree House
  16. Bridge Stanchion
  17. Spleef Arena
  18. Animal Statue
  19. Sunflower Plains
  20. Barn
  21. Underwater Glass Tunnel
  22. Snow Tree
  23. Dome
  24. Snowy Mountain Peak
  25. Another Player Fishing