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Summer Sta-cation!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend!

The unofficial start to summer! Time for a ROAD TRIP!

Wait . . . we’ve been doing that, let’s switch things up a bit.

It’s time for a STA-CATION!

Ok, we understand that sounds like no fun at all, and honestly when we told the moderators that they wouldn’t be able to take their scheduled road trips this weekend they were not happy with us. Actually, they are still REALLY mad. So mad they grabbed their summer gear and took off anyway. They will even attack any player that tries to get in their way.

Starting in approximately 24 hours and going through Monday, May 25th at 10:15pm (CDT) Rev 25’s Summer Sta-cation Event will be running on PvE. Angry moderators will be running amok across the map trying to get away for the weekend. Stop them! There will be a number of summer themed items to collect and you may even make the moderators lose their heads!

Disclaimer: Please do not try to attack or kill any actual moderators during this event