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Trick or Treat, Smell zombie feet, Give me something GOOD!

It's that spooky time again and we will be celebrating with a mob event!

Starting this Thursday night and running through the end of October, the zombies on PvE will be trick or treating.

The zombies really want to go trick or treating, and nothing will get in their way. Zombies will spawn dressed in costume and have a chance of carrying a trick, a treat, or a trick or treat basket. The zombies will be slightly stronger than normal, but should not be too difficult to beat. (about the same level as the mods from the Rev 25 sta-cation event)

This event will be full of collectibles which will include:

  • 20 costumes (skull, shirt, pants, boots)
  • 9 treats
  • 9 tricks
  • 6 trick or treat baskets

Don't Forget! Halloween Town's Halloween Party will be held on Friday Oct 29th and Saturday Oct 30th at the usual event times.

Happy Halloween!

~the padmins