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Update on Revision 27 close and Revision 28 launch

Hello fellow Nerds!

We just want to give you a heads up regarding the Revision 28 launch.

We will be adjusting the Revision launch time to Saturday, Jan 22 at 2pm Eastern time. This will work best for LadyCailin, the tech leading the switch over.

Revision 27 will come to a close 2 hours before . This should give us ample time to for a smooth transition.

On Friday Night we will have a mob event in an arena built by Stormblade.

You can help be donating materials for withers and dopples (2 diamond blocks and a carved pumpkin named a player)

Following the event we will take the final save of the map and then switch to chaos mode for the end of the rev.

This depends mostly on tech and staff availability and is subject to change.