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Valentine's Event

Phantoms are stupid,

axolotls are cute!,

It's time to be cupid,

and deliver some loot!

Hi all!

February is here and love is in the air! Padmins once again would love to host a Valentine’s Day gift event

Here’s how it would work: Create a mailbox at your location It can be as simple or as fancy as you would like Something like this -

Something like this

or this -

or this

Just make sure to include a mailbox (donation chest) with your name on it.

Send the coordinates to me via in game mail (/mail send cujobear) or a dm on discord and say “I want to share the love!” by Feb 11th. Next gather some Valentines - a simple named item, or go all out! You will also be able to buy gifts from spawn traders (five me a day to get the booth up). On Feb 12th there will be guide books available at the same trader to let you know who has a mailbox you can place a valentine in. Please make sure to visit all the locations to deliver your Valentines.

We have asked the techs to turn on the lovedup plugin on P for the month of February. You can find info about the plug in here.