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Want to be a part of a Map Wide Event in Rev29?

PvE's Revision 29 will launch on October 7th with the theme: 'English Countryside' and the padmins want your help sprucing the map with your best builds!

For this revision we are looking for Folly style buildings for the overworld. Check out wikipedia for an example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folly.

We have been doing this style event for a few revs now, but in case you forgot here is a quick rundown. Padmins will hide the builds around the overworld before the revision launch for players to explore and find a collectible. We are limitng the complete set at 20-25 collectibles so the best builds will be chosen.

Due to not having 1.19 blocks available on the Creative server we will allow players to build in their single player worlds and turn in a litematica schem to be pasted into a 1.19 world and judged. For those without litematica we can change some blocks to 1.19 blocks after pasting (talk with cujo via discord before beginning your build if you want blocks replaced)

How To Participate:

In game

  • log into the Creative server
  • type /warp WeeklyBuild
  • Make sure to read the rules below and the category before starting
  • Find an empty plot and type /nerdplot claim
  • You may build with a friend, and you do have access to World Edit!
  • The contest will run from tonight until Saturday, Sep 24th, at 9PM EDT.

Using Litematica

  • Keep builds to a 25x25 area footprint, you can build 50 high and 25 deep
  • build on flat land
  • Send a copy of the schematic to cujobear via discord by Sep 24th


  • Builds must follow all regular PvE rules. No NSFW builds
  • builds can be any size, as long as it fits within the build plot, no more than 25 blocks deep.
  • you can enter as many builds as you would like, and can even build more than one entry per plot
  • All entries become the property of Nerd.nu
  • Not all entries will be used in the next map, depending on how the build fits in the theme, build size, and how the build will fit on the map

Recap & Other Info

  • 1.19 blocks will not be available on the Creative Server
  • these builds are for the overworld
  • Like in previous revs, padmins will be adding a collectible to the builds used
  • Builds should be able to be explored in under 10 mins
  • Your builds will be protected from grief, but also be sure not to include player traps or areas that would require the player to dig or build

~the padmins