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Who's Ready to Rock Around the Block?!

The custom dragon fight is finally here!

Starting Friday night after event (9:30pm Eastern US) you will be able to earn an elytra by defeating the Dragon and the 10 bosses that protect it. This is a custom fight, and will not be easy.

To summon the dragon you must place 4 end crystals on the 4 sides of the exit portal in the end. All crystals will be invulnerable once spawned. Each crystal will summon a boss mob that you must defeat before you can do any damage to the dragon.

The player that places the fourth end crystal to spawn the dragon (the fight “owner”) will receive the prize box when the dragon is defeated, even if they’re off-line. If your inventory is full when the dragon dies and you own the fight, the plugin will record your victory and you can claim it later by running /dragon prize. You can check the current stage and owner of the dragon fight by running /dragon info.

Fights that are abandoned by a player unable to defeat the bosses will have ownership transferred by admins to a player willing to complete the fight. If you feel you cannot defeat the dragon solo, please ask for help or ask someone to take over before logging out. Admins can change ownership of the dragon fight for you. If there are no admins online, please run /dragon info and /seen on the fight owner, take a screenshot of that info, then modreq that the fight was abandoned (with an imgur link to the screenshot) BEFORE killing the dragon. Otherwise we cannot look back to see who to contact about the prize box.

The Prize box will be 1 of 10 different shulkers. Prizes will include the dragon head, elytra, and other goodies.

Want to be the Ultimate Dragon Slayer? Trade your dragon heads in for a dragon egg with the number of dragon fights completed as the egg name. Hang the egg in an item frame to show your DragonSlayer level! (DragonSlayer levels will start at 5 dragons killed, for higher levels you will need to trade in your lower level egg plus additional dragon heads)

A few more words from the padmins:

  • The DragonFight plugin was developed by totemo, and the bosses were designed by cujobear and totemo.
  • We reserve the right to adjust the difficulty of the fight and to make any changes as are necessary to correct any problems discovered. We will factor your feedback into this evaluation.
  • We also ask that you be considerate of other players and allow everyone an opportunity to obtain a set of elytras before you start trying to speed run the dragon fight.

We strongly suggest

  • Be well prepared with good armor, lots of food, arrows, shield, etc
  • Be sure to have at least 30 mins to fight (first time will most likely take longer)
  • Try the battle with a group, and take turns summoning the dragon
  • Sleep in a bed near the end portal before entering the end to fight
  • Keep spare armor, extra food, and weapons somewhere safe nearby

We ask that players be respectful of each other and the arena. Please clean up the arena after your fight including killing left over support mobs, putting out fires, and picking up blocks, boxes, and shulkers.

And finally, I want to thank everyone for their patience while I struggled putting this dragon fight together and while totemo worked through some technical difficulties.