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  1. I think combat tag has been great. But, after an issue in the past few days and talks with friends and an admin about Combat logging and Pvp, I think that combat tag confuses players. When combat tag was added I was under the impression that if you were tagged by that plugin you were in combat and should not logout and if you were not tagged then you could log out. But I have been told that if you are in a potential Pvp situation then you should not log out. I understand this interpretation of the rules of combat but I feel as though combat tag makes combat seem black and white when as it has been explained to me, it's not. I agree that it is hard to be black and white because if someone does run away long enough to remove the timer but they are still in range of becoming in combat that them logging out shouldn't be allowed but I feel these types of rules need to be nailed down in some way shape or form. Whether that be a longer combat tag period and have the combat tag be the end all be all or make it a known rule that you should wait 30 seconds to a minute after coming out of combat tag before you log off. I will be happy to discuss this with anyone willing to talk about these because I would love to help make Pvp more fun and fair for everyone.
  2. It is Defscape 32x: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/657949-64x-32x-16x-16x-defscape-v24-16x-ready-horses-included-680k-dls/
  3. Now that Chaos has ensued on the S server, What have you taken for loot? or how many buildings have you blown up? or how many heads have you gotten? I personally have used a few stacks of TNT to blow up Alissa_S's home n yellow road. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before Picture: ------------------------------------------------------------------ After:
  4. Probably the lord of the rings. Non-Novie is The Hurt Locker and Wreck-it Ralph.
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