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  1. aight turns out I didn't leave in March 2015 but I stopped coming here in February of 2016 so idk

  2. If anyone ever sees this.....: I left Nerd.nu in March 2015 to make time for my job, university, girlfriend, and son. Thanks.

  3. Hey Eehee, I left the servers about a month and a half ago, and I wanna make peace with you, because this may be the last time we speak. We have been cool since we met. I know the last few times I talked to you we disagreed, or we didn't speak at all, I'm sorry about that. I just wanna thank you. You were a great friend and made Nerd a great experience for me. It's been great and I got some huge respect for you. Goodbye Ee. !
  4. I think this is ok, but if he is an immature player who keeps getting banned and using his alts, I think a perma-banned is needed.
  5. Even though I never went on S, and left the servers, I wouldn't want this guy with mod powers. I agree with you 100% Barneygale, and hopefully this issue will be dealt with soon.
  6. Sounds good, but do I need mumble for any of the meetings?
  7. I agree with you, usually the whole "let's do something to help C" only lasts a few days. If this lasts that would be great.
  8. Since I don't have mumble my question is: Why doesn't C have events or anything that attracts people? Have the mods or players given up on C? If someone can ask this question for me, that would be great. Thank you.
  9. Don't have mumble, anyway I can request someone to ask a question for me?
  10. Hey, gonna put in my two cents real quick. C has lost some great players lately and things aren't as exciting anymore. I feel P and S have many events (even though S is also dead). I feel creative is ignored and whenever someone posts a topic like this, they are taken into consideration, then dropped. That's just me, and I am open to corrections on this. Thank you. -SextDexy
  11. There are many problems on C causing many bad things to happen. This is a thread to discuss them. -SextDexy (I'm using my old forums account)
  12. SextDexy here, I like it so far, Good- Big Water Bodies are back, some new beautiful features, spawn is nice, new fresh feeling Bad- Too much grass and trees in plains Ugly- It's too rocky, there isn't any huge part of flat land. Overall a great revision so far, look forward to the rest.
  13. People only cone on C during the beginning of rev and chaos at the end. I guess that C isn't that exciting anymore. I, an active C player is now getting bored and is now inactive. It's just.... the same.
  15. Im sorry my fellow diffy. But I can't ;_;. My diffy flies over the ocean...
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