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  1. Yep came to post the same here. Let's go!
  2. I wouldn't mind a full map reset; starting over is often fun and there's so much new stuff in snapshots. The main thing I worry about with chunk pruning is my ability to return to where I build in the long term. I have dug a series of particular tunnels in the nether to enable my travel to the two or three places I've built, and dying sometimes presents a problem. (Such as when a creeper killed me through the wall of my house, destroying my bed in the process. If we are worried about how fresh the map appears, maybe we could settle on a compromise where we routinely reset the chunks close to spawn while leaving a ring of untouched area at the edges. (That actually sounds kind of fun and interesting for its own sake.)
  3. Hmm, I didn't consider that we could loot all the old chests and stuff; that could be VERY interesting. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea, as long as we can have an unrestricted map size so we can go set up new bases and find newer biomes and 1.6+ content. In fact, it'd be interesting to take an old P map and use it as the basis. All those rail lines, huge crazy builds, etc.... So many things to destroy!
  4. He says in the original post that we will keep 1.7 chaos going; and the current poll is between the two most popular choices from the first poll, which are to either keep the current chaos map (essentially no change to current S state) or to start a 1.7 chaos 'revision' using an old map (the most popular option from the first poll.) My question is directed to the more popular option, keeping 1.7 chaos going while using an old map; if we used an old map, we would not see any of the newer features. (Unless, as I just thought of it now, we might get an unrestricted map size on an old map, so going out 5k+ blocks from spawn could find us new chunks with new biomes!) So, yeah, just curious at what people think!
  5. Wouldn't using an old revision's map defeat the purpose of playing in 1.7+ since newer features would be absent? My motivations for wanting to stick with 1.7 over doing a new 1.6 revision include all of the content of 1.7 (new biomes, stained glass, etc..) If we don't have 1.7 features, we might as well do another 1.6 revision, right?
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