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  1. Your account had was on a list of compromised accounts.  Your account was banned as a precautionary measure.  Please ensure that your account is secure (change your password if necessary) and reply back here stating so. I will then unban your account.


    Ban for bleuarg on c.nerd.nu for compromised account nerd.nu/appeal by cyotie911 on 2012-02-25T21:20:19 (no more bans, no notes)

  2.    First, Hi Vykoden.  Been a while since I've chatted with you. (Sorry, Slightly off topic)

       I want you to know that I do feel for the things you are saying.  Having been around for as long as you and remembering how things used to be does come into play with how I feel about the current topic.  However, things do and have changed.   I feel that for the most part things around here have changed for the better but no one and nothing is perfect.  I am always in favor of change when I believe it is for the better and am willing to listen to anyone's opinions about any changes they would like to see.

       One change that has happened over the years is that, any change that will affect an entire community will need input from the majority of the community.  It isn't like the old days where someone could bring something they would like to see changed to a head admin and it would get changed.  Now staff discussions happen, community discussions happen, polls are made to get a feel for if the community "as a whole" wants the change.  I feel that, as admins, we don't rule "with an iron fist".  I can remember back when I was a CAdmin and wanted to have a revision reverted back to before their was a "creative mode" where there was no flying and no instabreak.  Where you had to work to create a build because back in the day you rarely saw a massive derp anything on creative because it just took to damn long to build.  However, Even though I was a CAdmin and I actually had all the CAdmins support,  It's not what the community wanted.  It never happened.

       Anyways,  again this is just my opinion/thoughts, but I do believe that a town (or anyone working on a big project) should be able to Modreq to have a unfinished/abandon build removed (and to my knowledge, this is the way it is supposed to be).  The question is "What is the amount of time that should go by prior to this happening."  I believe that these servers are supposed to cater to the "active" community.  That being said, "active" is what needs to be outlined.  My personal opinion is a month.

       Then you are going to have to decide what to exactly do with the structure.  Personally, I don't see what would be wrong with making a selection of the entire area, running a "Sum Blocks" command and then just creating and chesting all the blocks in the report and then getting rid of the structure.  Have the chest in an Admin only area and label it with the players name.  Then send the player a /mail stating that your unfinished/abandon structure has been removed and all materials are being held to be returned to you.


    I do feel that a town's expansion shouldn't be hindered by "abandoned" builds, however, no one will ever be able to persuade me that a finished build or an unfinished build by an active player should ever be removed because a town wants to "take over an area".  An active player, regardless of their skill level, will always be welcome on our servers without the need or fear of being run off because they aren't the best builder.


    Finally, I do see valid point in the opinions of both sides and I am glad that the community and staff have changed to be able to discuss these types of things (unlike in the days of old where threads would just get locked or deleted).  I hope that we can continue to discuss things and create positive changes for the community in the future.

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  3. Pardon me for jumping in here but I wanted to give an explanation to you as to why we do things the way we do, These appeals are not to shame people but to give a record of infractions that are made on our servers. They also give a little insight as to the type of player you might be as to how you choose to handle your appeal. This ban was made because you committed an infraction on our servers (whether you believe you did or not doesn't mean that you didn't) Using a glitch to gain an advantage that other players aren't allowed to use is clearly spelled out in our rules and I'm pretty sure that you knew was wrong. The other purpose of these appeals (in most cases) is to get some acknowledgement from a player that they know it was wrong (or now know it was wrong) and they won't do it again. These are the main things we are looking for in our appeals.

    As far as if you are shamed by it or not is probably something you are going to have to live with. You performed these actions and now will have to live with the consequences. How you choose to act in the appeal is up to you but will probably go a long way with how others view you.

    Bottom line is everyone makes mistakes and it real like your won't be a big deal unless you let it. There are several people in staff that have been banned in the past (and I'm actually one of them). How you choose to act is on you.


    *Edited for aurocorrect mistakes since I wrote this on my phone*

  4. First off, I'd like to apologize to the community for not having made this post sooner. The reason for my absence as of late is I have been recovering from a heart attack. It was a slower recovery than I would have liked, however, I'm almost back to 100% now and everyone should be seeing a lot more of me around now. I have also made some safe guards that, If this ever happens again, people will be notified.

    As for now, I'm glad to be back and will be back in the swing of things very soon.


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  5. As much as I have wanted to see a "No Fly" creative happen, I honestly don't for see this going to happen.  The longer that flying creative will now have been around, the fewer of us are now around that actually remember when you couldn't fly (and were banning people for fly hacks :P ).    My suggestion would possibly be to create a half and half world and put spawn right at the spot where they meet.  You can create a public region that covers half the world and set the flag to no fly.  You could always give incentives to build in the "no fly" part like giving a player a warp with their playername for building in that section.


    Again this is just my 2 cents.

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    I just noticed that your suggestion hasn't moved forward yet and would like to see this remedied with something actionable soon. To get this moving along, my suggestion for such a policy would be:


    Similar to ban appeals, once a note has been added to you then you're welcome to appeal this if / when you wish. Where the notes are deemed valid and end up staying on your account for the meantime, please consider allowing a few weeks / months before re-appealing.


    Each note appeal will be handled by the staff member who issued them, provided they are active. Otherwise should that staff member be inactive / no longer on staff then if the note directly refers to activity on a specific server then a respective server admin can handle the note appeal. The head admin team will aim to oversee all note appeals issued from inactive / past staff.


    For the staff member handling the note appeal, we would ask that you are fair. Please consider the length of time that the note has been active for and whether the note still reflects the behaviour of that individual. Where possible, we do not want to see notes remain for lengthy periods of time.


    Should anyone experience issues with the outcome of their note appeal then you are welcome to approach a head admin. Provided the staff member has followed the guideline in the above paragraph then we will support their decision.




    Any feedback is appreciated. My aim was:


    • To give server admins the control to handle note appeals on behalf of inactive moderators / past staff, where the note was a reference to their server (e.g. "combat logging on S" could be handled by a Survival Admin).
    • Make sure that notes do not stay applied to an individual for an unnecessary period of time unless the note still reflects the behaviour of the individual.
    • Ensure that everyone handling a note appeal is following the same guideline.
    • Allow people to approach a head admin to raise concerns over the decision of their note appeal but making it clear that we would only do this if the staff member hasn't followed the guideline for handling note appeals.



    Looks good to me.

  7. Actually your ban is for:

    Ban for ianpj11 on c.nerd.nu for major griefing on C nerd.nu/appeal by cyotie911 on 2012-06-30T11:27:16 (1 more bans, no notes)


    This is a super old ban so I'm willing to give you another chance however, since your ban was for major griefing (which I wouldn't have issued without you having destroyed 1000+ blocks of someone elses) I would like for you to go reread the rules at http://nerd.nu/rules and reply back here stating that you have read and understand them.



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