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  1. I shall not break the rules. Thanks again.
  2. I realized what I did was stupid and I would like to check out the new rev. I'm sorry for my actions.
  3. LARGE biomes please. KTHNXBAI
  4. I agree with TheRandom on this one. I think people should be able to build whatever they want and that we should support some sort of xp plumping. With that we don't need to have another end grinder built.
  5. I'm going to counter some of the points posted before. The rule of blocking off a large section of the map is moot. The BLOCKED off area is smaller than a house and its in the middle of nowhere in the end. Second, the one end grinder agreement is literally meaningless because there is no official word behind it. Third, using redstone for private areas is completely legal and has been brought up in chat several times and I asked mods a couple times to confirm the legality of the grinder. I'd compare the private grinder to that of a private iron grinder. Those things take up a massive amount of space, yet they are allowed to be private. Moreover, as I see it the end is turning into a xp grinder and nothing else which is against the spirit of PVE. Players should be allowed to build whatever they want in the end.
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