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  1. I dislike both factions, but the empire is the best chance against the Thalmor that Tamriel has. That alone puts me firmly into the Imperial camp, nothing else really matters in the long run.
  2. Yuss TF2. Also, now that we're branching out to other games could we talk about having a nerd.nu highlander team? Or a 4v4/6v6 team (though those are really competitive).
  3. When you enter in a name it directs you to http://yooouuutuuube.com/v/?yt=bFEoMO0pc7k&width=384&height=288&flux=0&direction=rand . People don't think it's legit because of it. Can we get rid of it?
  4. If we do go 8k by 8k, would it be possible to have more than 8 portals? 12 or even 16 would encourage builds to be more evenly spread out across the map and give a chance to smaller cities which would otherwise be without portals.
  5. I second Team Fortress 2. F2P, works for PC Mac and Linux, low system requirements, and to be frank far less potential for drama than Trouble in Terrorist Town, which is probably going to be another leading candidate. I'd personally like fast (5-10 second) spawns with a few popular maps in rotation such as dustbowl, hightower, harvest, badwater, nucleus, and of course, for Socarch26, turbine. I must disagree with Toby in that instead of having set 24 hour blocks of maps it'd be better if people could just vote on the maps they'd prefer.
  6. Been playing a fair bit of TF2 recently, anybody up for a Highlander team and/or 6v6 team? EDIT: Or CS:Go clan, that'd be fun too. Nova 1 and dropping like a rock though, so probably Silver Elite if this gets started.
  7. Two rather unrelated questions, what would you say is the favorite thing you've built on the nerd servers thus far, and if you could change one thing about the servers, what would it be?
  8. Yeah, depending on how badly the server needs donations I'll be more or less in favor of having non-gameplay perks, donator badges and such. If we're floating alone fine then I don't see why we need to have any perks, badges, or anything else at all for donators, but if we're cutting it close to the margins ever donation drive then I'd be in favor of whatever that can make people donate more to the servers as long as it doesn't give players an in-game edge.
  9. Back to the topic at hand, I feel like donation perks would be best discussed in the second meeting, as for many the answers for those questions would depend a lot on the financial state of the server which we as of yet know very little about until perhaps after the meeting. Also, can we talk about adding a "other games" section to the forum, perhaps with subforums for the most popular ones? After all, we already have a gaming section in the mumble server.
  10. According to this forum thread, disabling popups from groups is impossible. Thread was started in 2008, but if you go to the end the problem still exists in 2014. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=760223 As for my opinion, steam pop-ups are extremely annoying and unless it's an officially sanctioned event that occurs once in a blue moon we shouldn't be using that way to promote events.
  11. I don't think there's anything in the rules against a second end grinder, but can't it be argued making it a PvP area restricts access to said grinder, or at least makes it extremely inhospitable to most people, thereby (sort of) breaking the rules? After all, most people would be scared of having an experienced PvP'er logging in right in front of them and taking all their valuables they were about to enchant, which I guess is the purpose of why they made the grinder PvP enabled in the first place. Also, I agree we need to have some sort of policy to deal with this. I've used the original end grinder a lot this rev and there were already tensions due to the fact some of the people who created the second end grinder would just cut in line (I'd get a lot of messages and even a modreq or two asking if I can do anything about it), now that they have a second end grinder I can't imagine things getting any better.
  12. Haven't had the opportunity to play much Minecraft with you, but I'm sure as hell going to miss the AP Sona you brought in League. Good luck in Basic.
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