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  1. I'd be in favour of just removing the page alltogether. I don't think anyone has ever been modded because their name was submitted to this page; it's only because someone on staff wants to suggest them, and if that's the case, then they're probably going to be suggested anyway. If it's going to be kept then I as well like the idea of adding another field for a reason. We could make it clear that supplying a good reason is required for the player being taken into consideration.
  2. I liked it too. But suggesting that the new admins do something, around the same time that a controversial new admin appointment happens, when lots of other people are suggesting that admins take their advice and complaining that they're not listened to... you have to admit it was an easy jump to think you were doing the same ;)
  3. I don't think that this or anything related to this will help things to be honest. That ship has sailed a while ago. The current chatter going on feels more like a struggle for control of the survival server than a lack of communication or anything else. As for how to fix it, I'm really not sure. I think a better topic would be more "How can we all work together to give survival the best chance of success?" And this has nothing to do with game mechanics, but more how can everyone work with people that they may not like or agree with. There's a level of frustration on all sides I think. It would be great if all parties could ponder "How can I act and deal with people in a way that makes them and I less frustrated with the situation and more likely to get a successful survival server going?" And finger pointing is not it ;) I don't mean this to be a personal attack to Dizney & Co or anyone else. This is an outsider's view of the situation, and this is the only thing that I can see that would help. g.
  4. I'm really happy that you guys have decided to go this route! I wanted to just throw in my 2c to say I think we should lean toward operating "community building" type games in the same vein as Minecraft. Not that we couldn't operate other games, but I doubt that we'd ever have the same community here if this had been the "reddit public TF2 servers" or something like that. It's the co-operative nature in (parts of) the game that brings out the type of community that we want to foster here, and so I'd lean toward providing something like Starbound or rust servers -- although I think rust servers are something that only a few select organizations can host?
  5. A quick disclaimer: I may say things that make people feel shitty. Pls don't hate me bb, I do it cause I think we need it. Just wanted to wade in here and say that (for what it's worth coming from me) that no one is being targeted, there's no vendettas here, and this isn't a power play to ban everyone in whatever group. Everyone who "behaves" is wanted in this community. Bad guy hat on: if you display certain behaviours, though, you're going to get banned. It's the behaviours that aren't wanted, not the people. It's because these behaviours make it uncomfortable for a lot of other people here (staff and non-staff). At that point the feelings of people who get banned don't matter. (sorry) Everyone please try to think about this. This is hard to do, and people who do it well IRL (police, lawmakers, judges) get paid the big bucks.
  6. I guess this is generally why I think we should be running new servers to expand the community, not having Steam groups (as an expansion plan). The servers worked in the first place because they were always there and available to log on to. People could play MC themselves or try to make new friends as they pleased. It soon became a place to go to because you knew people there and you were pretty sure you were going to enjoy your time playing MC. This is the environment we have to try to re-create. With a steam group, a call goes out for a certain game at a certain time, and there may or may not be a few players willing to play. If there are then great, but if it keeps not happening (which seems to be the case?) then people aren't going to see it as an expansion of the community. If there was usually people on who wanted to play a certain game, then it would be awesome for those people, but I think for the most part they've already found each other (a la Civ5) and don't organize through the steam group.
  7. The first "Expanding the community" poll has less votes than I thought it would and no one who said no. And I'm really curious what the answer would be... so I made this second poll. It should be anonymous so no worries offending anyone with your vote.
  8. Thanks for running that Steam group, it's great that some out there are workin' it for nerd. I wasn't having a whinge (never heard of that before), or trying to take a chunk out of anyone. I was saying that the posts are being hidden because they're off topic, no one is being blamed for anything, we're just trying to keep the thread on topic. And now, pls, if you want to discuss it further, please make a new thread to keep this thread on topic =P
  9. Dude, it was off topic in my thread, it was hidden because of it. Believe me, things I do and say get ignored and hidden IRL sometimes too. Just roll with it. If you have something productive you want to say, make a new thread. I'm not trying to be a dick or put anyone down... I just want us to have some reasonable discussion about this.
  10. Damn ex-heads stealing my thunder ALL THE TIME I mean thank you, Barlimore. There's no "no" option, maybe I'll make another voting thread after this one has had some time to simmer down. Cheers
  11. I saw 60+ posts on this thread and came here hoping that we'd have some real discussion. Does anyone actually want to discuss this? Or are most people happy sticking with Minecraft and not want to see an expansion? Maybe it's time for a voting thread.
  12. I didn't realize that, I took a quick look around at some other communities, and saw that they did tend to have servers for games other than MC. A Starbound sever was suggested -- I believe it's by the same developer as Terraria and in the same vein. Does anyone have any other suggestions? As big as possible! I envision a world where game developers consult with the headadmins before putting out major patches. Or something like that. In all seriousness, take it as big as the demand is. The world needs moar gaming communities like nerd.nu. The bureaucracy would fall into place if it's needed =) Anything that there's demand for really. We don't really have control over other servers so I only see that as a nice to have. But any official nerd.nu groups on other platforms are cool too.
  13. I'm curious to know what people think about expanding to other games, or other forms of entertainment on the internet. I like the structure of this community, I like our community standards. I like our quest for a fun and fair environment. I like how the staff are chosen and the admins choose their successors, and how we survive on donations from the community. The thing is, right now our identity is tied to Minecraft. Minecraft is a great game and it brought us together, but if people get bored of the game they tend to move on. We should be aiming to stop this in ways other than trying to bring them back to MC. I know about the Steam group, I'm in it, and I think it's great, but it doesn't seem to really expand the community, only serve as a meeting point for people who are already in the community and are playing games in another environment. Let me know if I'm wrong. Let me know what you think, no holds barred. Consider this a brainstorming session.
  14. Is that so :) Let's ask jchance actually. What's your playing history on mcpublic?
  15. How do you feel about coming back and becoming a Cadmin fairly quickly?
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