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  1. I only jump back into minecraft and the rev a few weeks ago, but early on, I found it quite confusing to find how to get to the spawn nether portal. There is /place and all, but the fact that the spawn building only had 1 marked south exit, and 2 unmarked north exits makes it a little challenging to find how to get to the portal, and ended up with me eventually discovering you had to walk all the way around the building. In particular as well if a spawn-based attraction, such as the public gardens, is created, it would be beneficial to attempt to lead people there somewhat if they take a bit of time to read all the signs. tl;dr: if there are key interests around spawn, make sure they are accessible from within spawn or there are adequate directions to get there.
  2. Is there a static thread somewhere for mod requests? I imagine it happens often enough that such a place would be handy for you?
  3. For myself and perhaps others that use JourneyMap Client to have a minimap up + keep an overworld map up to date, I believe it would be beneficial to install the JM Server plugin among the Nerd.nu servers. Primarily the function of this plugin is to generate unique id's for the worlds that are running on the server(s), so that the Journey Map clients can tell the difference between P, C, or even Lobby. The present behaviour is that Journey Map will overwrite any existing mapped areas when visiting similar coordinates in other servers, if the server transfer was done internally or through the lobby rather than quiting the game and using a different server link. In the future, the plugin also promises to be able to have server-side restrictions of mapping features in the clients. so it will be easier to ensure no one is doing any "accidental" xraying.
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